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 A Male

Ace - (German origin) Ace is a variant of Atz, meaning "One." 

Addicus - (Greek origin) Addicus means "From Attica." 

Adrain - (Latin origin) Adrain means "From Hadria."

AL - (German origin) Al is a variant of  Alberto, the Latinized variant of Albertus, meaning "Bright & Famous."

Alberto - (German origin) Alberto is the Latinized variant of Albertus, meaning "Bright & Famous."

Alexander - (Latin/Greek origin) Alexander is a variant of Alexandros, meaning "Defender of Men."

Alfonzo - (Italian origin) Alfonzo means "Noble & Ready."

Alfred - (British origin) Alfred means "Wise."

Alton - (Location origin) Alton, England.

Alvin - (Old English origin) Alvin means "Noble Friend."

Amadeus - (Latin origin) Amadeus means "Love of God."

America - (Location origin) America's name is the United States of America.

Anchor - (American origin) Anchor means "Secure."

Andy - (Greek origin) Andy is a variant of Andrew, meaning "Brave."

Angelo - (British origin) Angelo means "Angel."

Apollo - (Greco-Roman Mythology) Apollo was the son of Zeus.

Archie - (Teutonic origin) Archie is a variant of Archibald, meaning "Truly Brave."

Aristotle - (Historical Figure) Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC) was an Ancient Greek Philosopher & Polymath. Aristotle was a student of Plato.

Armond - (German origin) Armand means "Soldier."

Arnold - (Location origin) Arnold, California

Ash - (English origin) Ash is a habitational name meaning "Living by and Ash Tree."

Astaire - (Historical Figure) Fred Astaire (May 10, 1899 - June 22, 1987) is considered the best dancer in film history. He was an American actor, singer, choreographer, dancer & television prester still popular today.

Atticus- (Greek origin) Atticus means "From Attica."

Author - (British Legendary Figure) King Author is known for his Knights of the Round Table.

Avalon - (Welsh origin) Avalon means "Island of Fruit (or Apple) Trees."

Avery - (English & French origin) Avery means "Ruler of Elfs."

Axel - (Scandinavian origin) Axel means "My Father is Peace."

A Female

Adair - (Anglo-Saxton origin) Adair is a female variant of Edger, a variant of Eagar, meaning "Blessed Spear."

Adeline - (French origin) Adeline is a variant  of Adele, meaning "Nobel or Nobility."

Affinity - (Word origin) Affinity means a "Fond Kinsmanship."

Airy - (American origin) Airy means "Life."

Alexa - (Greek origin) Alexa means "Defender of Man."

Alexis - (Greek origin) Alexis means "To Defend."

Alice - (German origin) Alice means "Noble."

Alison -  (German origin) Alison is a variant of  Alice, meaning "Noble."

Alma - (Latin origin) Alma is a variant of Almus, meaning "Nourishing."

Amelia - (German origin) Amelia means "Industrious."

America - (Location origin) America's name is the United States of America.

Anastasia - (Greek origin) Anastasia is a variant of Aanastasis, meaning "Resurrection." 

Angel - (Greek origin) Angel is a variant of Angelos, meaning "Angel or Messenger."

Angela - (Greek origin) Angela is a variant of Angelos, meaning " Angel or Messenger."

Angelina - (Greek origin) Angelina is a variant of Angelos, meaning " Angel or Messenger."

Anita - (Hebrew origin) Anita is a variant of Ann, meaning "Graceful."

Ann  (Hebrew origin), Ann, means "Graceful."

Annabelle - (French origin) Annabelle means "Graceful & Beautiful."

Annette - (French origin) Annette is a variant of Anne, meaning "Graceful."

Antoinette - (Greek origin) Antoinette is a variant of Anthos, meaning "Flower."

April - (Latin origin) April is a variant of Aperire, meaning "To Open." Therefore, April refers to the opening of blossoms in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Astrid - (Scandinavian origin) Astrid means "Divinely Beautiful."

Athena - (Greek origin) Athena means "Goddess of Wisdom & War."

Audrey - (English origin) Audrey means "Noble Strength."

Autumn - (Latin origin) Autumn is a variant of Autumnus, meaning "Fall or Autumn."

Avalon - (Welsh origin) Avalon means "Island of Fruit (or Apple) Trees."

Avery - (English & French origin) Avery means "Ruler of Elfs."

B Male

Bailey - (Middle English) Bailey is a variant of Bailiff, meaning "Agent of the Law/ Debt Collector."

Bandit - (American origin) Bandit means "Thief."

Banks- (Middle English) Banks means "Ridge or Hillside."

Bart - (English origin) Bart is the abbreviation for Baronet. a Rank of the British Order, being below a Baron and above a Knight. An example is Sir John Smith, Bart.

Bastain - (French origin) Bastain is a variant of Bastian, meaning "Revered."

Baxter - (Middle English) Baxter is a variant of Bakstere, meaning "Cook."

Bay - (English origin) Bay means "Sea Inlet."

Bear - (English origin) Bear is a variant of Bera, meaning "Bear."

Beau - (French origin) Beau means "Handsome."

Beaufort - (Location origin) Beaufort was established in 1713 & Incorporated in 1723; it is the fourth oldest town in North Carolina.

Beethoven - (Historical Figure) Ludwig van Beethoven (Baptized December 17, 1770 - died March 26, 1827) was a famous German composer still popular today.

Ben - (Hebrew origin) Ben means "Son."

Benny - (Latin origin) Benny means "Blessed."

Billy - (German origin) Billy is a variant of William meaning "Resolute Protector."

Bingo - (Song origin) Georgia, Senator Robert M. Charlton was the first to mention the Bingo song in the USA in 1842. However, the song has obscure origins. "There was a dog and Bingo was his name O."

Black Beard -(Historical Figure) Famed Pirate Black Beard was born Edward Teach in 1680 in Bristol, England. British Naval forces of Ocracoke Island killed him on November 22, 1718.

Blade - (English origin) Blade means "Sword."

Blake - (English origin) Blake is a variant of Blaker, a Village in Norway.

Boomerang - (Australian origin) Boomerang named by the indigenous Aborigines means "A curved flat piece of wood that when thrown will come back to you." 

Boone - (Old French) Boone is a variant of Bon, meaning "Good."

Bran - (Welsh origin) Bran means "Raven."

Brandon - (Location origin) Brandon, Florida in the USA, Brandon City in Manitoba, Canada, and Brandon, England.

Brett - (Middle English origin) Brett is a variant of Breton, meaning the "Celtic People of Britain & Brittany France."

Brice - (Location origin) A small French Village located west of France bears the name of Saint Brice.

Bruce - (Historical Figure) King Robert the Bruce( 1274-1329) was King of the Scotts from 1306-1329.

Bruno - (Old German) Bruno is a variant of Brun, meaning "Brown."

Bryon -(Celtic origin) Bryon is a variant of Brigh, meaning "High/Noble."

Bubba - (American origin) Bubba means "Brother."

Buck - (English origin) Buck means "Deer."

Bud - (American origin) Bud is a variant of Buddy, meaning "Friend."

Buddy- (American origin) Buddy means "Friend."

Buford - (Location origin) The City of Buford is in Georgia, USA.

Butler -(Norman French origin) Butler is a variant of Boutelliller, meaning "Servant in charge of the Wine Cellar."

Buxton - (Location origin) Buxton, England & Buxton, North Carolina

 B Female 

Babe - (American origin) Babe is a term of endearment.

Baby -(American origin) Baby is a term of endearment.

Bailey - (Middle English) Bailey is a variant of Bailiff, meaning "Agent of the Law/ Debt Collector."

Bambi - (Italian origin) Bambi is a variant of Bambino, meaning "Child."

Banks - (Middle English) Banks means "Ridge or Hillside."

Barb - (Ancient Greek) Barb is a variant of Barbra, a variant of Barbarous, meaning "Foreign or Stranger."

Barbra - (Ancient Greek) Barbra is a variant of Barbarous, meaning "Foreign or Stranger."

Bay - (English origin) Bay means "Sea Inlet."

Bayla -(English origin) Bayla is a variant of Bay, meaning "Sea Inlet."

Beasley - (Location origin) Beasley is Beesley's habitational name, Lancashire, England.

Beatrice - (Latin origin) Beatrice is a variant of Beatus, meaning "Blessed."

Becky - (Hebrew origin) Becky is a variant of Rebecca, meaning "To Bind."

Begonia - (French origin) Begonia means "Begon's Flower."

Bella - (Italian origin) Bella means "Beautiful."

Belle - (French origin) Belle means "Beautiful."

Berma - (Kurdish origin) Berma means "Lady."

Beth - (English origin) Beth is a variant of Elizabeth, meaning "God is my Oath."

Betty - (English origin) Betty is a variant of Elizabeth, meaning "God is my Oath."

Bev - (Location origin) Bev is a variant of Beverly located in East Yorkshire, England.

Billie - (Hebrew origin) Billie is a variant of Bilhah, meaning "Bashful."

Birdy - (Old German) Birdy is a variant of Bertha, meaning "Bright & Famous."

Blair -(Scottish Gaelic origin) Blair is a variant of Blar, meaning "Pain, Meadow or Field."

Blanche - (Latin origin) Blanche is a variant of Blancus, meaning "White."

Brattkins - (unknown origin) Brattkins is a variant of the surname Bratkin.

Breeanna - (Irish origin) Breeanna is a variant of Brianna, meaning " Noble, Strong & Virtuous."

Breeze - (English origin) Breeze means "A Light Gentle Wind."

Brenda - (Famous Character) Brenda was a character in "The Pirate" (Novel) by Sir Walker Scott, publishing date 1822.

Brianna - (Irish origin) Brianna means " Noble, Strong & Virtuous."

Bristol - (Location origin) Bristol is a city in England on the River Avon. Bristol is the birthplace of the famed Pirate Black Beard, born Edward Teach in 1680.

Britney - (English origin) Britney means "From Great Britain."

Britt - (English origin) Britt is a variant of Britney, meaning "From Great Britain."

Buffy - (English origin) Buffy is a variant of Elizabeth, meaning "God is My Oath."

Buttercup - (English origin) Buttercup means "Yellow Flower."

Buttons - (Old French) Buttons is a variant of Boton, which means "Button." 

 C Male

Caesar - (Historical Figure) Julius Caesar (100-40BC) was the first Roman Emperor.

Caliber - (Arabic origin) Caliber is a variant of Qalib, meaning "Cast or Mold." Caliber is a word used to measure the inside diameter of a gun barrel.

Camus - (Historical Figure) Albert Camus (Nov. 7. 1913 - Jan. 4, 1960) was the second-youngest recipient of a Nobel Prize in Literature at age 44.

Capone - (Historical Figure) Alphonse Gabriel Capone (Jan. 17, 1899 - Jan. 25, 1947) American Businessman & Gangster attained notoriety during the Prohibition concerning the Chicago Outfit.

Captain - (American origin) Captain is a company-grade ranking officer in the US Army, Marine Corps., US Air Force & US Space Force.

Carlton - (Location) Carolton, Melbourne, Victoria is in Australia.

Carr - (Irish origin) Carr is a variant of Gearr, meaning "Short of Height."

Carter - (Middle English) Carter is a variant of Cartere, meaning "Transporter of Goods."

Carova - (Location origin) Carova is a 4x4 accessible-only beach village on the Outer Banks in Currituck County, NC.

Cash - (English origin) Cash means "Maker of Chest."

Chad - (Location origin) The Republic of Chad is a landlocked country in North-Central Africa.

Champ - (Middle English) Champ means "Warrior."

Charles - (Old English) Charles is a variant of Ceorl, meaning "Free Man."

Charleston - (Location origin) Charleston, founded in 1670, is a city port in South Carolina in the USA.

Charlie - (Old English)Charlie is a variant of Charles, a variant of Ceorl, meaning "Free Man."

Chase - (Middle English) Chase means "Huntsman."

Chevy - (French origin) Chevy is a variant of Chevalier, meaning "Horseman & Knight."

Chief - (Old French origin) Chief is a variant of Chef, meaning "Head of a family or clan."

Chomp - (1520s origin) Chomp means to "To Chew Noisily."

Clark - (English origin) Clark means "Scribe or Secretary."

Cletus - (Greek origin) Cletus means "Called Forth."

Cloud - (American origin) Cloud means "Visible Vapor."

Clyde - (Location origin) Clyde River is the third-longest river ins Scotland and the ninth-longest river in the United Kingdom. 

Conner - (Scottish origin) Conner means "Wise."

Cooper - (Anglo-Saxton origin) Cooper was a person that made barrels & buckets.

Cosmo - (Greek origin) Cosmo is a variant of Kosmos, meaning "Orderly Arrangement."

Cotton- (Old English) Cotton is a variant of Cotum, meaning "Cottage." In addition, the cotton plant references the color "White."

C Female

Cali - (Greek origin) Cali means "Beautiful."

Camila - (Roman Mythology) Camila was Diana's favored Maiden Warrior.

Cammie - (English origin) Cammie means "Perfect."

Camren - (Hebrew origin) Camren is a variant of Carmella, meaning "Garden."

Can-Can - (Dance origin) Can-Can in the 1840s became a popular high-stepping dance that continues in popularity today in French Cabrets. 

Candy - (American origin) Candy means "Bright & Sweet."

Cappuccino - (Italian origin) Cappuccino references the "Robe Color" of the 16th Century Italian Capuchin Monks.

Cari - (Welsh origin) Cari means "Beloved.

Carolina - (Location origin) North Carolina & South Carolina in the USA.

Carova - (Location origin) Carova is a 4x4 accessible-only beach village on the Outer Banks in Currituck County, NC.

Cathy - (Greek origin) Cathy is a variant of Catherine, meaning "Pure."

Catriona - (Scottish origin) Catriona means "Someone who is Pure."

Cee Cee - (American origin) Cee Cee means "Blind to One's Own Beauty."

Celia - (Latin origin) Celia means "Heaven."

Chanel - (French origin) Chanel means "Canal."

Charlee - (Old English) Carlee is a female variant of Charles, meaning "Free  Man." 

Charlotte - (Old English) Charlotte is a female variant of Charles, meaning "Free Man." 

Charly (Old English) Charly is a female variant of Charles, meaning "Free Man." 

Charm - (American origin) Charm means "Lucky Token."

Cherry (Latin origin) Cherry means "Love & Generosity."

Cindy - (Latin origin) Cindy is a variant of Lucinda, meaning "Light."

Co-Co (Latin origin) Co-Co is a variant of Cosmas meaning, "Harmony."

Coconut - (American origin) Coconut is a nickname that means "Silly or Nutty Acting."

Confetti - (American & Italian origin) Confetti means "Varying Colors & Sweet."

Cotton - (Old English) Cotton is a variant of Cotum, meaning "Cottage." In addition, the cotton plant references the color "White."

Courtney - (Location origin) Courtney, North Carolina.

Cynthia - (Latin origin) Cindy is a variant of Lucinda, meaning "Light."

D Male

Dallas - (Location origin) Dallas is a city in Texas in the USA.

Dante - (Latin origin) Donte means "Everlasting."

Dapper - (English adjective) Dapper refers to a male's dashing, handsome, neat appearance. Example: Dan looked Dapper in his new suit.

Dare - (Middle English) Dare is a variant of Deora, meaning "Beloved / Dear."

Darrell - (Norman & French origin) Darrell is a variant of dAirelle, meaning "From Airelle in France."

Dart - (Location origin) River Dart in Devon, England.

Darwin - (Old English origin) Darwin is a variant of Deorwine, meaning "Dear Friend."

Davis - (Welsh origin) Davis means "Son of David."

Deangelo - (Latin origin) Deangelo is a variant of Angelus, meaning "Messenger."

Derick -(English origin) Derick means "People Ruler."

Devon - (Location origin) Devon is a county in southwest England.

Dexter - (English origin) Dexter means "Dyer of Cloths."

Dillon -(Irish origin) Dillion means "Like a Lion."

Dink - (American origin) Dink is a variant of Dinky, meaning "Small."

Doc - (American origin) Doc means "Doctor."

Dobby -(Old English & Old German origin) Dobby is a variant of Rob, a variant of Robert, and means "Bright Fame."

Drake - (Old English) Drake is a variant of Draca, meaning "Dragon."

Duck - (Location origin) Duck is a township on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in Dare County.

Dude -(American origin) In the 1960's Dude was the name for a guy in the beachy Surfer culture.

Dudley - (Location origin) Dudley is a town in England.

Duffy - (Irish origin) Duffy means "Grandson of Dubhthach."

Dugan- (Irish origin) Dugan means "Descendant of Dubhagan."

Duke- (English origin) Duke means "Man of High Rank."

Dusty -(Norse origin) Dusty is a variant of Steinn, meaning "Stone."

Dwain - (Irish origin) Dwain means "Dark."

D Female

Daisy - (Old English origin) Daisy means "Flower."

Danetta -(Hebrew origin) Donetta is a variant of Daniyyel that means "God is my Judge."

Danna - (Hebrew origin) Danna is a variant of Daniyyel that means "God is my Judge."

Daphne - (Greek Mythology) Daphne turned into a Laurel tree to escape Apollo.

Darcey - (French origin) Darcy is a variant of dArcy, meaning "From Arcy."

Dare - (Middle English) Dare is a variant of Deora, meaning "Beloved / Dear."

Darleen - (Old English) Darleen is a variant of Dearling, meaning "Darling."

Darling -(Middle English) Darling means "Beloved One."

Davida - (Scottish / Hebrew origin) Davida is a variant of Davina, meaning "Beloved."

Deanie - (Pict origin) Deanie is a family surname in the Pict Tribe.

Dee - (Location origin) The river Dee is in Northern Wales and England.

Delia - (Greek origin) Delia means "Born on the Island Delos." In Greek Mythology, Delos was home to Apollo & Arthemis.

Delilah - (Hebrew & Arabic origin) Delilah means "Delicate."

Diamond - (Greek origin) Diamond is a variant of Adamas, meaning "Invincible."

Didi - (German origin) Didi means "Warrior of the People."

Dilly - (French origin) Dilly means "Someone from Illy."

Dink - (American origin) Dink is a variant of Dinky, meaning "Small."

Ditty - (Early French origin 4th century) A Ditty is a short & poetic song.

Dixie - (Location origin) Dixie is the Southern portion of the United States. Also called Dixieland, Dixie Land. This portion of the United States was Confederate during the Civil War.

Dori - (Hebrew origin) Dori means "Gift."

Dorothy - (Greek origin) Dorothy means "God's Gift."

Dotty - (Greek origin) Dotty is a variant of Dorothy that means "God's Gift."

Duck - (Location origin) Duck is a township on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in Dare County.

Dudette - (American origin) In the 1960's Dude was the name for a guy in the beachy Surfer culture. Dudette is the female equivalent.

Dutchess - (English origin) Dutchess means "Woman of High Rank."

 E Male

Eddie - (English origin) Eddie is a variant of Edward, meaning "Guardian of Riches."

Edger - (Anglo-Saxton origin) Edger is a variant of Eagar, meaning "Blessed Spear."

Edison - (English origin) Edison is a variant of Edward, meaning "Guardian of Riches."

Edward - (English origin) Edward means "Guardian of Riches."

Edwin - (English origin) Edwin is a variant of Edward, meaning "Guardian of Riches."

Egbert - (Old English origin) Egbert is a variant of Ecg, meaning "Sword."

Eisenhower - (German origin) Eisenhower is a variant of Eisenhauer, meaning "Iron Hewer."

Eli - (Biblical origin) Eli was the High Priest of the Israelites in the Ancient City of Shiloh in Ancient Israel.

Elliot - (English origin) Elliot means "The Lord is My God."

Elmer - (Germanic / British origin) Elmer means "Noble & Famous."

Elwood - (Old English) Elwood is a variant of Ellern, meaning "Elder Wood."

Ernest - (Germanic origin) Ernest is a variant of Ernst, meaning "Serious."

Estaban - (Spanish origin) Estaban means "Crown."

Eugene - (Greek origin) Eugene means "Nobility."

Evans - (Welsh origin) Evans means "Son of Evan."

Even - (Old Norse origin) Even is a variant of Eivindr, meaning "Gift & Winner."

Evin - (Welsh origin) Evin means "God is Good."

Ezra - (Biblical origin) Ezra is a Scribe & Priest in the Bible.

E Female

Elaine - (Welsh origin) Elaine is a variant of Elain, meaning "Young Deer."

Electra -(Greek origin) Electra means "Shining Bright."

Eliza - (Hebrew origin) Eliza is a variant of Elizabeth and means "Pledged to God."

Ella - (Ancient Germanic origin) Ella is a variant of Alia, meaning "Feminine."

Ellen - (Greek origin)Ellen is a variant of Helen, a variant of Helene, meaning "Light."

Elly (Greek origin)Elly is a variant of Ellen, meaning "Light."

Eloise - (French origin) Eloise means "Famous Warrior."

Elsa - (Hebrew origin) Elsa is a variant of Elisheba, meaning "God is my Oath."

Elvira - (Gothic origin) Elvira is a variant of Germanic Al, meaning "ALL," & Wer, meaning "True."

Emmy - (German origin) Emmy means "Whole or Universal."

Erin - (Irish origin) Erin means "Ireland."

Estelle - (Latin origin) Estelle is a variant of Stella, meaning "Star."

Ester - (Biblical origin) Ester was the Jewish Queen of the Persian King Ahasuerus in the Bible.

Ethel - (Old English origin) Ethel means "Nobel."

Eugenia -(Greek origin) Eugenia means "Nobility."

Eunice - (Greek origin) Eunice means "Good Victory."

Eve - (Biblical origin) According to the Bible, Eve was the first Woman.

Evelyn - (English origin) Evelyn means "Wished for Child."

F Male

Farmer - (Ancient Norman origin) Farmer was an occupational name, but not like the soil farmers of today. Instead, farmer/Farmar is a tax/tariff collector.

Felix - (Latin origin) Felix means "Happy & Fortunate."
Fender - (Medieval English/ French origin) Fender is a variant of Defendre, meaning "Town Guard."

Fido - (Latin origin) Fido means "To Trust or Confide In." United States President Abraham Lincoln had a dog named Fido five years before becoming president.

Finn - (Irish origins) Finn is a variant of Fionn, meaning "Fair."

Fisher - (Middle English origin) Fisher is a variant of Fischer, meaning "Fisherman."

Floyd -(Welsh origin) Floyd means "Son of Lloyd."

Ford - (Old English) Ford is a topographic name given to those living by a Ford, a river crossing. Ford means "Pass or Crossing."

Forest - (English / Scottish origins) Forest means "From the Woods."

Fonz - (Spanish / Southern Italian origin) Fonz is a variant of Alfonso, meaning "Noble Brave."

Francisco - ( Spanish origin) Francisco means "Free Man."

Frank - (Germanic Tribe origin) The Franks settled in the 3rd & 4th Century France & the Netherlands.

Franko - (Germanic Tribe origin) The Franks settled in the 3rd & 4th Century France & the Netherlands. Franko is a variant.

Fred - (German origin) Fred is a variant of Friedrich, meaning "Peaceful Ruler."

Frisco - (Location origin) Frisco is a Beach Village on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

F Female

Fancy - (English origin) Fancy means "Decorated."

Farrah - (Anglo-Saxton / Britain origin) Farrah is a variant of Farrier, an occupation name. In Arabic, Farah means "Joy."

Faye - (Middle English origin) Faye is a variant of Faie, meaning "Fairy."

Feliz - (Spanish origin) Feliz is a Spanish surname meaning "Fortunate or Happy."

Fergie - (English origin) Fergie is a nickname associated with the surname of Ferguson. In addition, Fergie is the nickname of Lady Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

Fern - (Old English) Fern is a variant of Fearn, meaning "Living among the ferns."

Flo - (Latin origin) Flo is a variant of Florence, meaning "Mythological Goddess of Flowers."

Flora - (Latin origin) Flora is a variant of Florence, meaning "Mythological Goddess of Flowers."

Florence - (Latin origin) Florence means "Mythological Goddess of Flowers."

Florida - (Location origin) Florida is a Southeastern most State in the United States. The Atlantic Ocean borders one side, while the Gulf Coast borders the other.

Fran - (French origin) Fran is a variant of Frances, meaning "From France."

Frances - (French origin) Frances means "From France."

Francine - (French origin) Francine is a variant of Frances, meaning "From France."

Fray - (German origin) Fray is a variant of Frei, meaning "Free."

Freda - (Old German) Feada means "Peaceful."

G Male

Ganesh - (Sanskrit origin) Ganesh means "god of the multitude."

Garfield - (Old English) Garfield is a compound variant of Gar, meaning "Triangular Land," & Feld, meaning "Open Country or Field."

Garth - (Northern Middle English origin) Garth means "Enclosed Area." thought to refer to an orchard or paddock.

Garrett - (Norse origin) Garrett means "Defender."

Gavin - (Welsh origin) Gavin is a variant of Gawain, meaning "White Falcon."

Gawain- (Welsh origin) Gwain means "White Falcon." Sir Gawain was one of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table.

Gaylord - (Norse origin) Gaylord is a variant of Gaillard, meaning "High Spirited."

General - (American origin) General is a ranking officer title for people enrolled in the US Army, Marine Corps., Air Force, and Navy.

George - (Greek origin) George is a variant of Gerogo, meaning "Farmer."

Geronimo - (Historical Figure) Geronimo's given name was Goyahkla, meaning "One Who Yawns." (1829-1909) Geronimo was an Apache Leader & Medicine Man.

Gibbs -(Norman origin) Gibbs is a variant of Gibson, Gillebert, meaning " Noble Youth."

Gibson - (Norman origin) Gibson is a variant of Gillebert, meaning " Noble Youth."

Gimpy - (American origin) The word Gimpy appeared in American 1920's slang, made by combining the words Limp & Gammy. Gimpy refers to having an injured limb causing an awkward walk.

Gizmo - (American origin) The word Gizmo appeared in American 1940's slang, meaning a device that the speaker could not recall the proper name.

Goblin - (European origin) Goblin is a creature that appeared in numerous Middle Ages folklore.

Golda - (Anglo-Saxton origin) Golda, meaning "Gold."

Goldman - (Anglo-Saxton origin) Goldman is a variant of Golda, meaning "Gold."

Goth - (German origin) Goth means "Gothic" in German.

Governor - (American occupational origin) Each state has an elected head of state called the Governor in the USA.

Grandy - (Location origin) Grandy is a town in Currituck County in North Carolina, USA.

Grant - (French origin) Grant is a variant of Graund, meaning "Tall or Large."

Greenville - (Location origin) Greenville, South Carolina, USA & Greenville, North Carolina, USA

Grim - (Old English) Grim is a variant of Grimm meaning "Fierce."

Grizzly - (Middle English) Grizzly is a variant of Grisel, meaning "Gray."

Gunner - (Scandinavian origin) Gunner means "Warrior."

Gunther - (Scandinavian origin) Gunther is a variant of Gunner, meaning "Warrior."

Guppy - (Old English) Guppy is a variant to Guppa, meaning "Battle Bright Enclosure." The popular Guppy fish is named after Clergyman R. J. L. Guppy for first presenting the fish to the British Museum in the 19th Century.

Guss - (English origin) Guss means "Great."

G Female

Gabby - (Hebrew origin) Gabby is a variant of Gabrielle, a female variant of Gabriel, which means "God is my strength."

Gabrielle - (Hebrew origin) Gabrielle is a female variant of Gabriel, which means "God is my strength."

Gail - (Hebrew origin) Gail is a variant of Abigail, a variant of Avigail, meaning "Father's Joy."

Gal - (Hebrew origin) Gal in Hebrew means "Wave."

Gayle - (Hebrew origin) Gayle is a variant of Gail, meaning "Father's Joy."

Gemma - (Italian origin) Gemma means "Precious Stone."

Gengen - (Japanese origin) Gengen is a variant of Gen, meaning "Spring."

Genie - (Hebrew origin) Genie means "God is Gracious."

Genevieve - (Latin origin) Genevieve is a variant of Genoveva, meaning "Woman of the Race."

Georgia - (Location origin) Georgia is a state in the USA.

Georgina - (Greek origin) Georgina is a female variant of George, which is a variant of Gerogo, meaning "Farmer."

Gerdie -(Norse origin) Gerdie means "Protected."

Gertrude - (German origin) Gertrude means "Spear of Strength."

Gibler - (Cornish origins) Gibler is a surname listed in the 1206 Curia Regis Rolls as Lords of the Manor of Giblin in Cornwall.

Giddy - (Ancient Hebrew) Giddy is a variant of Gideon, meaning "One who cuts down."

Gi Gi - (French origin) Gi Gi / Gigi means "Farmer."

Ginger - (English origin) Ginger means "Reddish Color."

Girly - (English origin) Girly means "Feminine."

Gladis - (Welsh origin) Gladis is a variant of Gladys, a variant of Gwladys, meaning "Royal Princess."

Gladys - (Welsh origin) Gladys is a variant of Gwladys, meaning "Royal Princess."

Glitter - (Old Norse) The English word Glitter, Middle English Gliteren, is a variant of the Old Norse word Glitra. Mica flakes were identified on cave paintings dating to 30,000 years ago.

Gloria - (Latin origin) Gloria is a variant of Gloriae, meaning "Immortal Glory."

Goldie - (English origin) Goldie is a variant of Golda, meaning "Made of Gold."

Gracey - (Latin origin) Gracey is a variant of Gracie, a Variant of Gratia, meaning "Favor/Thanks."

Greta - (Greek origin) Greta is a variant of Margareta, a variant of Margarites, meaning "Pearl."

Gretchen - (Greek origin) Gretchen is a variant of Margareta, a variant of Margarites, meaning "Pearl."

Grettell- (Greek origin) Grettell/Gretel is a variant of Margaret, a variant of Margarites, meaning "Pearl."

Gypsy - (American origin) Gypsy means "Wanderer."

 H Male

Ham - (Biblical origin) Ham was one of Noah's sons in the Old Testament.

Hamilton - (Historical Figure) Alexander Hamilton (Jan. 11, 1755 - July 12, 1804) was one of the United States' founding fathers.

Handley -(Old English) Handley is a variant of Hanley meaning"High Meadow."

Hank - (Old German) Hank is a variant of Henry, meaning "Ruler of Home."

Harley - (Old English) Harley is a compound variant of Hara, meaning "Hare," and Leah, meaning "Meadow." Harley is an English Surname, meaning "Hare's Meadow."

Harry - (Old German) Harry is a variant of Heimerich meaning, "Home Ruler."

Harvey - (English & Scottish origin) Harvey means "Battle Worthy."

Harvard - (Old English) Harvard is a variant of Hereward, meaning "Army Guard." 

Henry - (French / German origin) Henry is a variant of Himirich, meaning "Home Ruler."

Herbie - (German origin) Herbie is a variant of Herbert, meaning "Bright Army."

Hero - (Greek origin) Hero means "Hero."

Herman - (Ancient German origin) Herman means "Soldier / Warrior."

Hondo (Location origin) Hondo, Texas in the USA.

Hoover - (German / Dutch origin) Hoover is a variant of Hueber, meaning "Prosperous  landowner."

Hoss - (American Slang) Hoss is slang for "Big as a Horse."

Hugo - (Old English) Hugo is a variant of Hyge, meaning "Mind & Spirit."

Hurley - (English & Irish origin) Hurley means "Sea Tide."

Hutzpah - (Hebrew origin) Hutzpah is a variant of Chutzpah, meaning "Exstream Self- Confidence."

H Female

Hadley - (English origin) Hadley means "Heather Field."

Hanna - (Hebrew origin) Hanna is a variant of Channah, meaning "Grace."

Harper - (Middle Dutch origin) Harper is a variant of Harp, meaning "Harp Player."

Hattie - (American origin) Hattie is a variant of Harriet, meaning "Home Ruler."

Haven - (English origin) Haven means "Safe Place."

Hayley - (Old English) Hayley is a compound variant of Heg, meaning "Hay" & Leah, meaning "Meadow."

Hazel - (Old English) Hazel means the "Hazel tree & the color Hazel."

Heather - (Middle English) Heather is a variant of Hather,
meaning the plant "Heather."

Heidi - (Germanic origin) Heidi is a short variant of Adelheid, meaning "Nobel Kind or Type."

Helen - (Greek origin) Helen is a variant of Helene, meaning "Light."

Helena (Greek origin) Helena is a variant of Helene, meaning "Light."

Hera - (Greek Mythology) Hera is a variant of Heros, meaning "Warrior Queen." Hera was the wife of Zeus.

Hermione - (Shakespearian origin) Hermione was the Queen of Sicily in Shakespeare's play "The Winter's Tale." 

Hilda - (Old Norse) Hilda is a variant of Hildr, meaning "Battle."

Hillary - (Latin origin) Hillary is a variant of Haliras, meaning "Cheerful."

Holly - (Old English origin) Holly is a variant of Hol Leah, meaning "Dwelling by the Hollow."

Hope - (Old English) Hope is a variant of Hopian, meaning "Hope."

Honor - (English origin) Honor means "Dignity."

I Male

Ichabod - (Hebrew origin) Ichabod means "Where is the Glory?"

Idaho - (Location origin) Idaho is a state in the northwestern portion of the USA.

Ike - (Hebrew origin) Ike is a variant of Isaac, meaning "Laughter." Isaac was the firstborn son of Abraham in the Bible.

Ingles - (Ancient Germanic) Ingles was an ancient Germanic fertility god.

Inky - (Sumerian origin) Inky is a variant of Enki, a Sumerian god.

Ira - (Hebrew origin) Ira means "Watchful."

Isac - (Hebrew origin) Isac is a variant of Isaac, meaning "Laughter." Isaac was the firstborn son of Abraham in the Bible.

Ivan - (Hebrew origin) Ivan means "God is Gracious."

Ivanhoe -(Hebrew origin) Ivanhoe is a variant of Ivan, meaning "God is Gracious."

Ivor - (Welsh origin) Ivor is a variant of Ifor, meaning "Archer."

I Female

Ida - (High German origin) Ida is a variant of Id, meaning "Industrious."

Illeana - (Ancient Greek origin) Illeana is a variant of Helane, meaning "Bright."

Irene - (Greek origin) Irene is a variant of Eirene, meaning "Peace."

Irma - (Old High German origin) Irma is a variant of Irmin, meaning "World."

Iris - (Greek origin) Iris comes from the Greek word Iris, meaning "Rainbow."

Itsy - (English origin) Itsy means "Very Small."

Itzy - (English origin) Itzy is a variant of Itsy, meaning "Very Small."

Ivory - (English origin) Ivory means "Pale/White."

Ivy - (Old English origin) Ivy is a variant of Ifig, meaning "Vine."

Izzy - (Hebrew origin) Izzy means "God's Promise."

J Male

Jack - (English origin) Jack is a variant of John, meaning "God is Gracious."

Jager - (German origin) Jager is a variant of Jaeger meaning "Hunter."

Jaxson - (English origin) Jaxson is a variant of Jackson meaning "Son of Jack."

Jet - (English origin) Jet refers to aviation and the aircraft "Jet."

Jethro - (Hebrew origin) Jethro is a variant of Yithro, meaning "Overflow."

Jim - (Hebrew origin) Jim is a variant of James, a variant of Jacob, meaning "Supplanter."

Jimbo (Hebrew origin) Jimbo is a variant of James, a variant of Jacob, meaning "Supplanter."

Joe - (Hebrew origin) Joe is a variant of Joseph, Yosef, meaning "To Increase."

Johnnie - (Hebrew origin) Johnnie is a variant of John, meaning "Graced by God."

Joshua - (Hebrew origin) Joshua is a variant of Yehoshua, which means "God is deliverance." Joshua succeeded Moses and led the Hebrews to the Promised Land in the Bible.

Jonas - (Hebrew origin) Jonas is a variant of Yona, meaning "Dove."

Julian - (Ancient Roman) Julian is a variant of Julius associated with the Roman God Jupiter. Julian means "Supreme God."

Julius - (Person origin) Julius Caesar 
(July 100 BC - March 15 44 BC) was a Might Military Leader and a Stately Politician.

J Female

Jade - (Spanish origin) Jade shares the name Jade with the gemstone of the same name. Piedra De La Ijada, means "Stone of the Colic." A Jade stone placed on a child's stomach was credited as a healing stone for colicky babies.

Jadis - (Hindi origin) Jadis is a variant of Jadu meaning, "Magic."

Jane - (Hebrew origin) Jane is a variant of Yochanan, meaning "God is Gracious."

Jasmine - (Persian origin) Jasmine is a variant of Yasmin, meaning "Fragrant Flower."

Jean - (Hebrew origin) Jean is a variant of Jane, meaning "God is Gracious." 

Jeta - (English origin) Jeta/Jetta means "Jet."

Jezabelle - (Biblical origin) Jezabelle/Jezebel was the wife of Ahab in the Bible.

Jill - (English origin) Jill means "Child of God."

Jolene - (French origin) Jolene is a variant of Jolie meaning "Beautiful."

Julep - (Ancient Persian) Julep is a variant of Gulab, meaning "Rosewater."

Julia - (Ancient Roman) Julia is a variant of Julius associated with the Roman God Jupiter. Julia means "Supreme God."

June - (English origin) June means "Born in June."
The month of June was named based on the Roman Goddess Juno.

Juno - (Ancient Roman) Juno was the "Queen of the Gods."

K Male

Kamron - (Gaelic origin) Kamron is a variant of Cam, meaning "Crooked Nose."

Ken - (Gaelic origin) Ken is a variant of Kenneth derived from Coinneach, meaning "Handsome."

Kencade - (Scottish Gaelic origin) Kencade is a variant of Kincaid, a variant of Ceann-Cadha, meaning "Steep way or Pass."

Kent - (Location origin) Kent is a county in England's southeast.
In the United States, there is Kent, Washington & Kent, Ohio.

Kick - (Middle English) Kick is a variant of Kiken meaning "To Watch."

King - (Old English) King is a variant of Cyning, meaning "Tribal Leader."

Kinnakeeter - (Location origin) Kinnakeet is the original name of Avon, NC, on Hatteras Island.  Kinnakeeter is a location based nickname.

Kirby - (Old Norse) Kirby means "Church Settlement."

Knight - (Middle English) Knight is a title from Knynghte, meaning an "Armored Knight."

Kodiak - (Location origin) Kodiak is a city in Alaska in the United States.

Kramer - (High German) Kramer is a surname meaning "Shopkeeper."

Kyle -(Gaelic origin) Kyle is a variant of Coal meaning "A Strait,"
describing the waters between two islands or an island and mainland. 

K Female

Karat - (Gold origin) Kart is a measurement for the purity of gold. There is no measure to a pet's love, far more valuable than any Kart. Kart means = "Golden Friend."

Karen - (Sanskrit origin) Karen is a variant of Kiran which means "Sunbeam."

Karley - (German origin) Karley is the female variant of Karl, meaning "Strength."

Karma - (Sanskrit origin) Karma means "Fate or Destiny."

Karman - (Hebrew origin) Karman is a variant of Carmen and means "Garden."

Kat - (English origin) Kat is a variant of Katherine and means "Pure."

Kate - (English origin) Kate is a variant of Katherine and means "Pure."

Katie - (English origin) Katie is a variant of Katherine and means "Pure."

Kelly - (Irish origin) Kelly is the most common surname in Ireland.

Kim - (English) Kim is a variant of Kimberly meaning "From the Meadow of the Royal Fortress."

Kinnakeeter - (Location origin) Kinnakeet is the original name of Avon, NC, on Hatteras Island. 
 Kinnakeeter is a location based nickname.

Kit- (English origin) Kit is a nickname of Katherine, meaning "Pure."

L Male

Lad - (British origin) lad means "Stable Worker."

Lancer - (English origin) Lancer is a variant of Lance meaning "Land."

Leaf - (English origin) Leaf is a variant of Leofa, meaning "Beloved."

Leland - (English origin) Leland means "Meadowland."

Lennon - (Gaelic origin) Lennon is a variant of Leannan, meaning "Little Cloak."

Lenny - (English origin) Lenny is a variant of Leonard, meaning "Brave as a Lion."

Levi - (Biblical origin) Levi is the third son of Jacob.
Before Mathew became an apostle of Jesus, his name was Levi.

Levy - (Biblical origin) Levy is a variant of Levi; please see above.

Levon - (Greek origin) Levon is a variant of Leon, meaning "Lion."

Link - (Latin origin) Link is a variant of Lin meaning "A Pond."

Leo - (Latin origin) Leo is the Latin word for "Lion."

Little B - (compound origin) Little meaning "Small" & B for Bee meaning "Busy."

Lucas - (Latin origin) Lucas is a variant of Luke, a variant of Lux meaning "Light."

Lucky - (American origin) Lucky means "Fortunate."

Luke - (Biblical origin) Luke was one of the four Gospel writers of the New Testament.

Luther - (Location origin) Luther, Oklahoma, is located on historic Route 66 and is 30 miles northeast of Oklahoma City.

L Female

Lacey - (Location origin) Lacey is a variant of Lassey, northwestern France.

Lala - (Bulgarian origin) Lala means "Tulip."

Lana - (Irish origin) Lana is a variant of Leanbh, meaning "Child."

Lavinia - (Roman mythology) Lavinia is a variant of Louvenia, considered the "Mother of Rome."

Layla - (Arabic origins) Layla is a variant of Laila, meaning "Night & Blessed."

Letterbi - (compound origin) Letter meaning "Messanger," bi for Bee, meaning "Busy."

Lotty - (French origin) Lotty is a variant of Charlotte and means "Petite." 

Lou-Lou - (Latin origin) LouLou is a variant of Lou and means "Light."

Louvenia - (Roman Mythology) Louvenia is the "Mother of Rome."

Lovey - (American origin) Lovey means "Loved One."

Lucy- (Latin origin) Lucy is a variant of Lux, meaning "Light."

Lucky - (American origin) Lucky means "Fortunate."

Lula - (English origin) Lula is a variant of Louisa, meaning "Famous Warrior."

Luna - (Ancient Roman Mythology) Luna is the "Moon Goddess."

Lydia - (Greek origin) Lydia is a variant of Ludia, meaning "Beautiful One."

Lynn - (Welsh origin) Lynn means "Lake."

M Male

Major -(American origin) Major is a 22nd rank above Captain & below Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army.

Manny - (Hebrew origin) Manny is a variant of Manuel, meaning "God with Us."

Manteo - (Location origin) Manteo is a town on Historic Roanoke Island, NC. Manteo is named after a historic Native American with ties to the island's first English Colony in the new world, "The Lost Colony."

Markus - (Dutch origin) Markus means "Of Mars."

Mars - (Latin origin) Mars means "Male."     

Marshal - (American origin) A Marshal is a United States Officer working for the Federal Government's United States Marshal Service, founded in 1789.

Max - (Latin origin) Max is a variant of Maximus meaning "The Greatest."

Maximillian - (Latin origin) Maximillian is a variant of Maximus meaning "The Greatest."

Maximus - (Latin origin) Maximus means "The Greatest."

Merlin - (Welsh origin) Merlin is a variant of Myrrdin, meaning "Sea Fortress." 

Melville - (Location origin) Melville is an affluent hamlet on Long Island, New York.

Memphis - (Location origin) Memphis is a city in Tennessee, USA.

Mojo - (Mystic origins) Mojo means "Magic Spell / Talisman."

Montgomery - (Location origin) Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama, USA.

Mordred - (Old Welsh origin) Mordred is a variant of Medraut, meaning "Brave.

Morton - (English & Scottish origin) Morton is a variant of Mor(e)ton and means "Settlement on the Moor."

Murphy - (Irish origin) Murphy is a variant of Muir and means "Sea Warrior."

M Female

Mabel -(Latin origin) Mabel is a variant of Amabilis, meaning "Lovable & Dear."

Macey -(Hebrew origin) Macy is a variant of Matityahu, meaning "A Gift from God."

Maggie - (English origin) Maggie is a variant of Margaret meaning "Pearl."

Magnolia - (Latin origin) Magnolia means "A Flower."

Maisie -(English origin) Maisie is a variant of Margaret, meaning "Pearl."

Marina - (Latin origin) Marina is a variant of Marinus meaning, "of the Sea."

Marsha - (Latin origin) Marsha is a variant of Marcia, the female variant of Marcus meaning, "Dedicated to Mars."

Martha - (Ancient Greek) Martha means "Lady."

Maryetta - (Location origin) Maryetta is in Oklahoma in the USA.

Meryl - (Irish Gaelic origin) Meryl is a variant of Muir, meaning "Sea," & Geal meaning "Bright."

Metis - (Greek Mythology origin) Metis was the first wife of Zeus. Metis was the Greek "Goddess of Wisdom."

Miley - (Latin origin) Miley is a female variant of Miles, a variant of Mailz meaning "Soldier."

Minerva -(Roman Mythology) Minerva was the Roman "Goddess of Wisdom."

Minnie - (Roman origin) Minnie is a variant of Minerva and means "

Misty - (American origin) Misty means "Mist & Dew."

Molly - (Ancient Greek) Molly is a variant of Martha, meaning "Lady."

Morgan - (Welsh origin) Morgan is a variant of Mor Rioghain, meaning "Great Queen."

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