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N Male

Napoleon - (French origin) Napoleon means a "Person from Naples." Historical figure: Napoleon Bonaparte.

Nash - (English origin) Nash means "at the Ash tree."

Neal - (Irish origin) Neal is a variant of Niall and means "Champion."

Neil - (Irish origin) Neil is a variant of Niall and means "Champion."

Nelson - (Irish origin) Nelson means "Son of Nell."

Newton - (Locational origin) Newton, Massachusetts, USA, Newton, Illinois, USA, Newton, North Carolina, USA.

Norm - (Germanic origin) Norm is a variant of Norman.

Norman- (Germanic origin) Norman means "Northman."

N Female

Nancy - (English origin) Nancy means "Grace."

Naomi - (Biblical origin) Naomi is Ruth's mother-in-law in the Bible. Naomi means "Pleasant One."

Natalie - (Russian origin) Natalie is a variant of Natalia, meaning "Birthday."

Neelam - (Sanskrit origin) Neelam means "Blue Sapphire."

Nelly - (English origin) Nelly means "Light."

Nena - (English origin) Nena is a variant of Nina and means "Little Girl."

Noel - (Old French origin) Noel means "Born on Christmas."

Nori - (Japanese origin) Nori means "Belief."

O Male

OB - (Outer Banks origin) OB is short for "Outer Banks."

Olaf - (Old Norse) Olaf is a variant of Olafr, meaning "Ancestral Heritage."

Oliver- (Old Norse) Oliver is a variant of Aleifr that means "Ancestor's Descendant."

Ollie - (Latin origin) Ollie means "Olive Tree."

Onyx - (English origin) Onyx means "Black Gemstone."

Opie - (Norse-Viking origin) Opie means "Son of Asbjorn."

Orion - (Greek Mythology) Orion was a "Mighty Hunter."

Oscar - (Irish origins) Oscar has a compound meaning of Os, meaning "Deer," and Car meaning "Friend."

Ozzy - (German origin) Ozzy means "Divine Power."

O Female

Octavia - (Latin origin) Octavia means "Eighth."

Odessa - (Location origin) Odessa (Russian) Odesa (Ukrainian) is located on the Black Sea and is a port city in Southern Ukraine.

Olive - (Latin origin) Olive is a variant of Oliva that means "Olive Tree."

Olivia - (Latin origin) Olivia is a variant of Oliva that means "Olive Tree."

Olympia - (Location origin) Olympia is the state capital of Washington state in the USA.

Omie - (Hebrew origin) Omie means "Pleasant."

Opal - (Sanskrit origin) Opal is a variant of Upala, meaning "Jewel."

Orla - (Celtic origin) Orla means "Golden Princess."

Ottessa - (Greek origin) Otessa is a variant of Tess that is a variant of Theresa, meaning "Harvester."

P Male

Pal (Latin origin) Pal is a variant of Paulus meaning "Small."
Pal also means "Friend."

Pan - (Greek Mythology origin) Pan is a Greek God.

Panda - (Nepalese origin) Panda is a variant of Nigialya Pomya, meaning "Eater of Bamboo."

Panglossian - (Greek origin) Panglossian is a variant of Pangloss which means "All Languages."

Pat - (English & Irish origin) Pat means "Noble."

Patch - (American origin) Patches are cloth used to mend something causing different variations in color. Therefore, the name Patch given to pets means "Varied Color."

Patrick - (Latin origin) Patrick is a variant of Patricius which means "of Noble Origin."

Percy -(French origin) Percy means "Pierce Valley."

Pete - (Greek origin) Pete is a variant of Peter and means "Rock."

Peter - (Greek origin) Peter is a variant of Petros, meaning "Rock."

Phoenix (Location origin) Phoenix is the capital of Arizona in the United States of America.

Poe - (English origin) Poe means "Peacock."

Pop (Ancient Scottish Picts) Pop is a name meaning "Confident or Haughty."

Prince - (Latin origin) Prince is a variant of Princeps which means "Someone who behaves in a Regal Manner."

Private - (American origin) Private is an enlisted ranking title for people enrolled in the US Army or Marine Corps.

Puck - (Shakespearean Character origin) Puck is a Fairy character in Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer's Night Dream."

 P Female

Pamela - (Ancient Greek origin) Pamela is a compound variant of Pan meaning "All" and Meli meaning "Honey."

Pandora -(Greek Mythology origin) Pandora means "All Gifted."

Pat - (English & Irish origin) Pat means "Noble."

Patches - (American origin) Patches are cloth used to mend something causing different variations in color. Therefore, the name Patches given to pets means "Varied Colors."

Patience - (Latin origin) Patience is a variant of Patientia and means "Act of being Patient."

Patsy - (English & Irish origin) Patsy is a variant of Pat and means "Noble."

Patty - (English & Irish origin) Patty 
is a variant of Pat and means "Noble."

Pebbles - (Old English origin) Pebbles is a variant of Popp which means "Pebble." 

Penny - (American origin) Penny refers to USA coin currency. 

Piper - (Middle English origin) Piper is a variant of Pipere, meaning "Someone who played the Pipes." (Pipes are reference to the Bagpipe instrument.)

Pixie - (Mythological origin) Pixie means "Fairy."

Pollyanna -(American origin) Eleanor H. Porter made Pollyanna popular with her 1913 novel "Pollyanna," now in Public Domain. 
Pollyanna refers to an "Optimistic Person."

Popin (Old English) Popin is a variant of Popp which means "Pebble."

Princess - (English origin) Princess means "Royal Daughter."

Prissy - (American origin) Prissy means "Overly Picky."

Pumpkin - (American origin) Pumpkin is a term of endearment in America for "Heartfelt Love," not romantic. Other examples are Sweet Pea & Sweetie Pie.

Q Male

Quinn - (Scottish / Irish origin) Quinn means "Head/Chief and Wise/Intelligence."

Quincy - (French origin) 
Quincy means "Estate of the fifth Son."
Quincy is a city in Massachusetts in the United States of America.

Quinton - (French origin) Quinton is a common surname in France. Quinton means "Fifth."

Q Female

Queeny - (Old English origin) Queeny is a variant of Cwen which means "Woman."

Quilla - (Spanish origin) Quilla means "Goddess of the Moon."

Quintina - (Latin origin) Quintina means "Born Fifth."

R Male

Radar - (American origin) Radar nickname means "to be Aware."

Raleigh - (Old English origin) Raleigh is a variant of Raleleia recorded in the Domesday Book in 1086. Raleleia means "Red Wood." A famous person related to Raleigh's name is "Sir Walter Raleigh."

Ralph - (British origin) Ralph means "Wolf Counsel." 

Rascal - (Old French) Rascal is a variant of Rascaille, meaning "Outcast & Rabble."

Ray - (Old German origin) Ray is a variant of Raymond and means "Wise Protector."

Reggie - (Norman origin) Reggie is a variant of Reynold, meaning "Ruler's Advisor."

Ricky - (American origin) Ricky is a variant of Richard and means "Brave Ruler."

River - (Latin origin) River is a variant of Ripa, meaning "Riverbank."

Rob - (Old English & Old German origin) Rob is a variant of Robert and means "Bright Fame."

Robin - (Old English & Old German origin) Robin is a variant of Robert and means "Bright Fame."

Robinson - (Norse Gaelic origin) Robinson means "Son of Robert."

Roger - (Norman origin) Roger is a variant of Rog(i)er meaning "Famous Spear."

Ron - (Old Norse & Old English) Ron is a variant of Ronald and means, "Advice, Decision & Ruler."

Rosco - (Cornish origin) Rosco means "Doe Wood."

Ross - (Welsh origin) Ross is a variant of Rhos and means "Upland or Moorland."

Rover - (Middle English origin) Rover means "Traveler & Wanderer."

Roy - (Scottish origin) Roy is a variant of the Garlic Ruadh which means "Red." So Roy was a nickname for a redhead.

Ruff - (Olde English pre 7th-century origin) Ruff is a variant of Ruh meaning "Rough."

Rusty - (American origin) Rusty means "Redheaded." 

R Female

Rachael (Biblical origin) Rachael is a variant of Rachel. In the Bible, Rachel is the second wife of Jacob.

Rain - (American origin) Rain means "Abundant Blessings from Above."

Ramona - (Old German origin) Ramona is a female variant of Raymond and means "Wise Protector."

Raven - (English & Scottish origin) Raven means "Dark haired & Wise."

Rebbie - (Biblical origin) Rebbie is a variant of Rebekah in the Bible.

Regina - (Latin origin) Regina means "Queen."

Rhoda - (Greek origin) Rhoda means "Rose."

Ricki - (American origin) Ricki is a female variant of Richard and means "Brave Ruler."

Rita - (Greek origin) Rita is a variant of Margarites and means "Pearl."

River - (Latin origin) River is a variant of Ripa, meaning "Riverbank."

Roberta - (Old English & Old German origin) Roberta is a female variant of Robert and means "Bright Fame."

Robin - (Old English & Old German origin) Robin is a variant of Robert and means "Bright Fame."

Ronda - (Old Welsh origin) Ronda is a variant of Rhondah meaning, "Noisy." Rhondah refers to the noise of the Rhondda River in Wales. 

Rhona -(Welsh origin) Rhona is a variant of Rowena meaning, "White Haired."

Rosalind - (Latin origin) Rosalind is a variant of Rosa Lindal, meaning "Lovely Rose."

Rose - (Latin origin) Rose is a variant of Rosa and means "Rose."

Rosy - (Latin origin) Rose is a variant of Rosa and means "Rose."

Roxy - (Persian origin) Roxy means "Dawn."

Ruby - (Latin origin) Ruby is a variant of Ruber, meaning "Red."

S Male

Sailor - (English origin 17th century) A Sailor is a mariner that works aboard a seafaring vessel navigating the great blue sea.

Sal (Spanish origin) Sal is a variant of Salvador that is
a variant of the Latin Salvator meaning "Saviour."

Sam - (Hebrew origin) Sam is a variant of Samuel; please see below.

Sammy - (Hebrew origin) Sammy is a variant of Samuel; please see below.

Samson - (Hebrew origin) Samson means "of the Sun."

Samuel - (Hebrew origin) Samuel means "God has heard."

Sander - (American origin) Sander means "enjoys playing in the sand."

Sawyer - (Middle English origin) Sawyer is a variant of Saghier and means "Sawing Wood."

Seven - (American origin) Seven refers to "Lucky & the number 7."

Shadow - (American origin) Shadow means to "follow closely were ever you go."

Shaw - (Location origin) Shaw is a Village in Berkshire, England.

Sherman - (Anglo-Saxton origin) Sherman means the "Shearer of Wool."

Simon - (Hebrew origin) Simon means "Hearing or Listen."

Simson - (Hebrew origin) Simson is a variant of Shimeon that means "Obedience."

Sion - (Welsh & Hebrew origin) Sion is a variant of John, meaning "God is Gracious."

Skeeter - (American origin) Skeeter is a nickname meaning "Darting & Weaving like a Mosquito."

Skipper - (Middle English) Skipper means "to skip, jump or spring."

Smitty - (Old English) Smitty means "Blacksmith."

Snoop - (Dutch origin) Snoop is derived from the Dutch word: 
"Snoepen," which means "to pry." 

Soldier - (Middle English) Soldier is a variant of Soudeour from Old French, meaning "Mercenary."

Spot - (American origin) Spot refers to a round mark in shape with a different color than the surrounding area.

Storm -(Old Norse) Storm is a derivative of Stormr and refers to 
"Severe Weather." 

Sullivan - (Irish origin) Sullivan means "Hawk eyed or Dark eyed one." 

Sylvester - (Latin origin) Sylvester is a variant of Silvestris, a Latin adjective meaning "Wooden or Wild." Sylvester is also a variant of the Latin noun Silva meaning "Woodland."

S Female

Sabrina - (Latin origin) Sabrina means, "From the River Severn." The River Severn is located in Wales and was initially called Habern.

Sadie - (English origin) Sadie is a variant of Sarah and means "Princess."

Sally - (English origin) Sally is a derivative of Sarah, meaning "Little Princess."

Sasha - (Russian origin) Sasha is a variant of the Greek Alexander and means "Defender of Man."

Savannah - (Location origin) Savannah is the name of a city in Georgia in the USA.

Selena - (Greek origin) Seleena means "of the Moon."

Shadow - (American origin) Shadow means to "follow closely were ever you go."

Shannon - (Irish origin) Shannon means "Straw Worker."

Shelah - (Australian origin) Shelah refers to a female of Irish heritage.

Shelly - (English adjective origin) Shelly is used in describing a Shelly Surf or a Shelly Shore.

Shirley - (English origin) Shirley means "Bright Meadow."

Skyla - (Old Norse) Skyla is a variant of Sky meaning "Cloud."
In Scotland, the largest island is the Isle of Skye.

Spice - (Old French) Spice is a variant of espice meaning "Grocer" because they sell spices.

Spring - (German origin) Spring is a variant of Sprink (Middle Low German) & Sprinc (Middle High German), meaning a "Spring or Well." Spring is a topographic name.

Stella - (Dutch origin) Stella is a variant of Ster, meaning "Star."

Storm -(Old Norse) Storm is a derivative of Stormr and refers to "Severe Weather."

Stormy - (Old Norse) Stormy is a variant of Storm; please see above.

Strawberry - (American origin) Strawberry is a nickname for "Red Headed."

Suki - (Japanese origin) Suki means "Beloved."

Summer - (English origin) Summer means the "Warmest Season of the calendar year."

Sunshine - (English origin) Sunshine means "Light from the Sun."

Swan - (Middle English) Swan is a nickname that refers to the attributes of the Swan being "Purity & Excellence."

Sweet Pea - (American origin) In America, the nickname Sweet Pea is a term of endearment for "Heartfelt Love," not romantic. The Sweet Pea plant is native to China. Lathyrus Odoratus, the scientific name, means "Fragrant."

Sydney - (Location origin) Sydney is Australia's largest city and the capital of New South Wales. 

T Male

Tag- (American origin)Tag is short for Tagalong it means "to follow another's lead." 

Talmage - (Old French origins) Talmage is a variant of Talemache meaning " Knapsack."

Teddy - (English origin) Teddy means "Gift from God."

Terry -(Old Germanic origin) Terry is a variant of Thierry, meaning "Powerful."

Tex - (American origin) Tex is a nickname from someone from Texas in the USA. 

The - (English origin) The is a word used to describe a Noun in the English language. The is also a variant of Thee in Old English, meaning "You."

Theo - (Greek origin) Theo is a variant of Theodore meaning 
"God's Gift."

Theodore - (Greek origin) Theodore means "God's Gift."

Thomas - (Greek origin) Thomas means "Twin."

Timber - (American origin) Timber means "Wood & Strong."

Toby - (Hebrew origin) Toby is a variant of Tobias & Tobiyah and means " God is Good."

Tom - (Hebrew origin) Tom is a variant of Thomas meaning 

Trey - (French origin) Trey means "Three or Third."

Tristen - (Latin & Celtic origin) Tristen means "Noise."

Truman - (English origin) Truman means "Faithful Man."

Tylor - (Anglo-Saxon & French origins) Tylor means "Layer of tiles." 

T Female

Talulah - (Native American Choctaw origin) Talulah means "Leaping Water."

Tammy - (Hebrew origin) Tammy is a variant of Tamra; please see below. 

Tamra - (Hebrew origin) Tamra means "Palm Tree."

Tania - (Russian origin) Tania means "Fairy Queen."

Terry -(Germanic origin) Terry means "People Rule."

Tess - (Greek origin) Tess is a variant of Theresa, meaning "Harvester."

The- (English origin) The is a word used to describe a Noun in the English language. The is also a variant of Thee in Old English, meaning "You."

Thelma -(Greek origin) Thelma means "Will."

Thomasina - (Greek origin) Thomasina means "Twin."

Tia - (Greek origin) Tia means "Princess."

Tina - (Latin origin) Tina is a variant of Christina and means "Follower of Christ."

Tiny - (American origin) Tiny means "small or little."

Toddles - (American origin) Toddles means to "walk in short tottering steps."

Tori - ( English origin) Tori is a variant of Victoria and means "Winner & Conqueror."

Towanda - (Location origin) Towanda is a location name of three towns in three different states in the USA, Pennsylvania, Kansas & Illinois. 

Twinkle - (American origin) Twinkle means "To light up sporadically."

U Male

Uli - (German origin) Uli is a variant of Ulrich; please see below.

Ulrich - (German origin) Ulrich means "Rich Powerful Heritage."

Ulysses - (Latin origin) Ulysses is a variant of the Greek Odysseus, meaning "Wrathful."

Umar - (Arabic origin) Umar means "Long Life."

U Female

Uma - (Hebrew, Sanskrit origin) Uma means "Nation."

Una - (Latin origin) Una means "One & Lamb."

Unity - (American origin) Unity means "Oneness & Togetherness."

Ursula - (Latin origin) Ursula is a variant of Ursa and means "Bear." 

V Male 

Valentine - (Roman origin) 3rd Century, Saint Valentine (175 AD - 269 AD) is associated with courtly love & commemorated on February 14th of each year.

Van Gogh - (Dutch origin) Van means "of or from," & Gogh refers to a location on the border of the Netherlands in Germany.

Vern - (Gallic origin) Vern is a variant of Vernon meaning 
 "Alder tree grove."

Vernon - (Gallic origin) Vernon means "Alder tree grove."

Vick - (Roman origin) Vick is a variant of Victor meaning 

Victor - (Romain origin) Victor means "Conqueror."

Viktor -(Roman origin) Vick is a variant of Victor which means 

Virgil - (Latin origin) Virgil means "Staff bearer."

Vivaldi - (Latin origin) Vivaldi means "Life."

V Female 

Valentina - (Roman origin) 3rd Century, Saint Valentine (175 AD - 269 AD) is associated with courtly love & commemorated on February 14th of each year. Valentina is a variant of Valentine.

Venus - (Roman origin) Venus is a "Roman Goddess."
Venus is also the second planet from the Sun.

Vera - (Latin origin) Vera means "True."

Veronica - (Latin origin) Veronica is a variant of Vera meaning "True."

Vicky - (English origin) Vicky means "Victory."

Viola - (Latin origin) Viola means "Violet.& Purple"

Violet - (Latin origin) Violet is Viola's variant  meaning "Violet.& Purple"

Vivian - (Latin origin) Vivian means "Alive."

Vivianna - (Latin origin) Vivianna is a variant of Vivian meaning "Alive."

W Male 

Wagner - (Middle High German origin) Wagner is an occupational name and means "Cart" or "Wagon."

Walker - (Old English origin) Walker means "to walk or tread."

Wallace - (Welsh origin) Wallace means "Foreigner."

Walter - (Germanic origin) Walter means "Commander of the Army."

Wanchese - (Algonquian Indian origin) Wanchese is a historical Native American of Roanoke Island, NC. Wanchese is also the name of a town on the south end of Roanoke Island, NC.

Warren - (Middle English origin) Warren means "Guard."

Waylon - (English origin) Wayland means "Land by the road."

Wayne - (English origin) Wayne means "Wagon maker."

Wesley - (English origin) Wesley means "Western Meadow."

Wilbur - (Old German) Wilbur means "Brilliant or Resolute."

Willie - (German origin) Willie is a variant of William meaning "Resolute Protector."

Wilson - (English origin) Wilson means "Son of Will."

Winton - (Old English origin) Winton means "Friend's Settlement."

Wolfgang - (Old German) Wolfgang means "Wolf & Path."

W Female

Wanda - (Polish origin) Wanda means "Wanderer."

Whisper - (American origin) Whisper means "to have a soft voice."

Whitney - (Old English origin) Whitney means "From the white island."

Wichita - (Choctaw origin) Wichita means "Big Arbor." Wichita is also also a city in Kansas, USA.

Wila -(German origin) Wila means "Protection."

Wilhelmina - (German origin) Wilhelmina means "Resolute Protection."

Wilma - (German origin) Wilma is a variant of Wilhelmina; please see above.

Willow - (English origin) Willow means "Willow tree & Freedom."

Windsor - (locational origin) Windsor, NC in the USA & Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Windy - (American origin) Windy means "Strong Winds."

Winifred - (Welch origin) Winifred means "Blessed Peacemaking."

Winnie - (Welch origin) Winnie is a variant of Winifred; please see above.

Winter - (Middle High German) Winter means the "season of Winter."

Wren - (English origin) Wren means "Little bird."

X Male

Xander - (Greek origin) Xander means "Defender of Man."

Xavier - (Spanish origin) Xavier means "New House."

Xer - (American origin) Xer means a "Member of the X Generation."

X Female

Xara - (American origin) Xara means "Princess."

Xena - (Greek origin) Xena means "Hospitalbe."

Xyla - (Greek origin) Xyla means "Woodland" or "Wood-Dweller."

Y Male 

Yam (ancient Semitic origin) Yam means "Sea."

Yang - (Ancient Chinese Philosophy) Yang is the White portion, equal in the proportion of the two (Black & White) combined Yin & Yang Symbol. Concept of opposites being complementary vs. opposing. Yang is referred to as the Masculine of the Yin & Yang symbol. 

Yell - (Middle English origin) Yell means "to Yell."

Yoel - (Hebrew origin) Yoel means "Jehovah is God."

Yonkers - (Location Name) Yonkers, NY the USA

Yuri - (Russian origin) Yuri is a Russian variant of George meaning "Farmer, Light of God."

Y Female 

Yasmine (Persian origin) Yasmine means "Jasmine Flower."

Yetta - (Yiddish origin) Yetta means "Light."

Yin - (Ancient Chinese Philosophy) Yin is the Black portion, equal in the proportion of the two (Black & White) combined Yin & Yang Symbol. Concept of opposites being complementary vs. opposing. Yin is referred to as the Feminine of the Yin & Yang symbol. 

Yoana - (Hebrew origin) Yoana means "God is gracious."

Yolanda - (Greek origin) Yolanda means "Violet."

Yvonne - (French origin) Yvonne means "Yew" or "Tree."

Z Male 

Zachary - (Hebrew origin) Zachary is a version of Zacharias which means that "God has remembered."

Zack - (Hebrew origin) Zack is a version of Zacharias & Zachary meaning "God has remembered."

Zane - (Variant of John) Since Zane is a variant of John (Hebrew origin), the meaning of this name is "God's gracious gift."

Zeus - (Ancient Greek origin) Zeus is the ancient Greek God of Sky & Thunder, considered the supreme God of the Olympians.

Zink - (Middle-High German origin) Zink is a variant of Zinke, meaning "Peak." This peak is a reference to land topography where someone may live.

Zoomer - (American origin) Zoomer is the nickname for "Generation Z" in America.

Zoomie - (American origin) Zoomie means "Energetic."

Zorro - (Spanish origin) Zorro means "Fox" in Spanish.

Z Female 

Zara - (Hebrew origin) Zara is a variant of Sarah, meaning "noble woman."

Zaria -(Hebrew origin) Zaria means "Princess."

Zelda - (Yiddish origin) Zelda is the female variant of Selig, meaning "Blessed" & "Happy."

Zena - (Greek origin) Zena means "belonging to Zeus."

Zoey - (Greek origin) Zoey means "Life."

Zola - (Latin origin) Zola means "Earth."

Zoomie - (American origin) Zoomie means "Energetic."

Zora - (Slavic origin) Zora means "Sunrise."

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