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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Booms on the Outer Banks


For days prior to the 4th of July, pet owners had been planning on ways to protect their pets (dogs, cats and others) from the loud snap, crackle, whistle, and boom sounds of Fireworks. Independence Day celebrations are highly anticipated by humans but feared by a large population of pets.

4th of July 2022 Celebrations on the Outer Banks were Spectacular. Six Outer Banks Communities provided Waterfront Fireworks displays that lit up the Atlantic Ocean beaches, Currituck Sound, Shallowbag Bay, and Silver Lake.

But sometimes, Booms on the Outer Banks happen with less notice when it comes to turbulent weather. Sudden storms on the Outer Banks cause atmospheric instability, and when lightning flashes across the sky, thunder is soon to follow. The low rumbling to loud epic booms of thunder can be just as stressful to pets as fireworks.

On Tuesday, July 5th, 2022, the US National Weather Service Newport/Morehead City NC, announced in "The Outer Banks Voice,"" Severe storms and dangerous heat possible Wednesday."

The Independence Day Fireworks on the Outer Banks of North Carolina has ended, but the Booms on the Outer Banks will continue. So please be prepared with a plan for your pet's welfare.

Outer Banks Veterinarians wrote the following articles.

Stephen M. Samson DVM 
Coastal Animal Hospital 

Kelly D. Gimbel, DVM
Martin’s Point Veterinary Hospital

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