Saturday, April 16, 2022

Miss Moo & Gizmo prepare to ride the Hatteras -Ocracoke Vehicle Ferry as service resumes!

Miss Moo 
Earlier today, the Hatteras - Ocracoke Ferry operations were temporarily suspended, as reported by "Island Free Press."  Please see:

The Hatteras Inlet ferry is now operational, and vehicles are loading the ferries. 

Miss Moo enjoyed the ocean breeze, walked outside her car with her family, and graciously agreed to be photographed and smile for the camera. 

Also waiting in line to board the ferry was Gizmo. Gizmo was relaxing and enjoying a nice bowl of water. But Gizmo also agreed to smile for the camera too. 

It is wonderful to see whole families enjoying the Pet-Friendly Outer Banks of North Carolina. If your entire family is going on an OBX Vehicle Ferry ride, please see: 

What happened Yesterday, in Kill Devil Hills, NC?

Eighth Street Beach Access OBX
MP 10 photo Pampered Pets Guide

 As the sunset on Good Friday, April 15, 2022, beach driving ended in the Town of Kill Devil Hills, NC, until October 1st, 2022. 

Beach driving permits would usually not expire until April 30th. However, the beach closure to vehicle traffic on the beaches of Kill Devil Hills, NC, is due to beach erosion. 

Currently, there is not enough space for beachgoers and traffic. Please see: Kill Devil Hills, NC "Beach Access Map for Vehicles."

Kill Devil Hills beach driving permits are recognized by the Town of Nags Head, NC, and vice versa. Therefore, beach driving permits issued by these two towns can be used interchangeably.

For information on beach driving closures and beaches open for driving in the Town of Nags Head, NC, please see: "Nags Head Beach Driving Map." which was last updated on April 9th, 2022.

Have fun on the Pet-Friendly Outer Banks beaches. 
For more information, please see: Outer Banks Leash Laws & Beach Access

Friday, April 15, 2022

Good Friday 2022 - Dancing Live Oak on the OBX!


At daybreak on Good Friday 2022, an orchestra of birdsongs filled the air on the Outer Banks. An ocean breeze arose and traveled across the barrier islands of the Outer Banks. Windchimes came to life and added to the songbird's melody.

According to the National Weather Service, today will continue to be sunny and windy.

The live oaks all over the Outer Banks will have a chance to shake off any dead and dying leaves and foliage, to begin a new, as Spring brings new & renewed life. No longer standing still and majestic with reached limbs to the sun, but dancing in the breeze as the day goes by.

Good Friday is a religious holiday, and being such, what better tree to observe today than the oak. The oak is mentioned in the Bible on numerous occasions. The verse that comes to mind today is Isaiah 61:3 and the mention of the Oak of Righteousness. 
In the New Testament of the Bible, John 3:16 comes to mind today.

Have a fantastic Good Friday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

OBX Mockingbirds!


OBX Mockingbird - Pampered Pets Guide
The Outer Banks of North Carolina are renowned for Aviation, The Wright Brothers National Memorial, first flight & the airplane.(Waived Entrance Fee April 16, 2022)  But did you know that the Outer Banks of North Carolina is also famous as a Sanctuary for thousands of birds?

The Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge on Hatteras Island has a list of over 350 known bird species that visit the refuge. In addition, mockingbirds are abundant throughout the Outer Banks.

eBird ( has terrific information about the Northern Mockingbird for The Elizabethan Gardens on Roanoke Island. 

Mockingbirds are known for their ability to mock other bird calls, even Seagulls. They have also been known to mimic cats & car alarms.

The Mockingbird in America has the distinction of being a Presidential Pet, as noted by BirdNote at:   "Thomas Jefferson's Mockingbirds"

Today is April 13, the birthday of  The United States of America's 3rd President, President Thomas Jefferson  (April 13, 1773 - July 4, 1826). President Jefferson served as President of the USA from March 4, 1801 to March 4, 1809. President Thomas Jefferson held the Mockingbird in great esteem. 

According to WIKIPEDIA, The Free Encyclopedia: "Dick the Mockingbird"

 "In May 1793, in response to a letter from his son-in-law Thomas Mann Randolph,[3] Jefferson wrote: "I sincerely congratulate you on the arrival of the mockingbird. Teach all the children to venerate it as a superior being which will haunt them if any harm is done to itself or its eggs."[4]"

Mockingbirds were in such high demand as pets during the 1800s that the species was almost at the point of extinction. In 1918 the Migratory Bird Treaty Act was enacted. Federal Law protects the Mockingbird. It is illegal to capture or own a Pet Mockingbird in the USA. To kill a Mockingbird would incur a fine and or imprisonment in the United States of America.

When you are on the Outer Banks, please take a moment to listen. What bird calls do you hear? Please look; you might find that the OBX Mockingbird might be the songbird you hear.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

NCDOT OBX Vehicle Ferry Rules for Pets!

Hatteras-Ocracoke Ferry & Pelicans
Photo by Seaside Photography
The North Carolina Department of Transportation Ferry Division is pet-friendly.

Riding on the Vehicle Ferry is fun for the whole family. However, some people & pets never get out of their automobile during the ferry trip, while others get out right away and look around the ferry boat.

For the people who take their pets out of their vehicles, please know that pets must be leashed. You must also be aware that pets are not allowed in the Lounge on the Ferry. Also, please clean up after your pet. 
The exact quote from the NCDOT website is:

"Pets are permitted on ferries, but they must be kept in vehicles or on leashes at all times, and owners must clean up after them. Horses must be transported ​in a horse trailer. Only service animals are allowed inside Ferry Visitor Centers or Ferry Passenger Lounges."

The NCDOT Ferry Division will start the Spring Ferry Schedule today, Tuesday, April 12, 2022. To plan your fun ferry trip, please visit the NCDOT website at:

Monday, April 11, 2022

Meet "Runt" Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce "The Chamber Cat"

 Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce

101 Town Hall Drive
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27048
(252) 441-8144

The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1975 as a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. With close to 1,000 members, the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce represents businesses in Currituck, Dare & Hyde counties. 

The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce is at the forefront as an information source for anything Outer Banks. Maybe, that is why Runt chose to adopt the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce as her home & her people. She is an intelligent Cat.

Runt was an Outer Banks Feral Feline, but just as the Outer Banks has changed over the years, so too has Runt. Runt is now part of the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce staff.

Years ago, Runt chose the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce building as her home & claimed the underneath crawl space as her very own. Runt even decided to have a litter of kittens beneath the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce building.

When Runt made the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce staff aware of her kittens, this is where Runt's life-changing adventures began. Fortunately, all of Runt's kittens were adopted into loving Outer Banks families.

Runt took a particular liking to Karen, Cindy, and the whole Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce staff. The rest is history; Karen & Cindy opened the doors to the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce building, and Runt walked in as an official staff member of the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce. 

You can visit Runt online and see her Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce Staff photo at: 

Runt has black & white markings, much like you will find in the Pampered Pets Guide, "OBX Pet Stories and Local Pet Celebrities'." Some examples are, Camellia & Kevin at The Elizabethan Gardens, "A Cats Paradise Home."  Also, the black & white ghost cat at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, "The Feline Ghost that Haunts the Outer Banks."

Could all of these black & white, once feral Outer Banks cats be descendants of the Lost Colony Cats? You decide. Please see: "The Lost Colony's Cats," and "Have the Lost Colony Cats been Found?"

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Ocracoke Lighthouse an OBX Pet-Friendly Location!

Ocracoke Lighthouse photo by Seaside Photography
Ocracoke Lighthouse is located in Hyde County, North Carolina, on Ocracoke Island. Still shining each night brightly, the Ocracoke Lighthouse is the oldest operational lighthouse in North Carolina.

Ocracoke Lighthouse
360 Lighthouse Road
Ocracoke, NC 27960

The bright white painted Ocracoke Lighthouse began operation in 1823. It is the second oldest operational lighthouse in the Nation. With a height of 75 feet, the Ocracoke Lighthouse rises above the treetops and is highly visible during the day, providing a picturesque scenic backdrop overlooking Silver Lake.
Days End on Silver Lake, photo by Seaside Photography

The Ocracoke Lighthouse is not open for climbing to the public. However, the grounds of the Ocracoke Lighthouse are open to the public and are pet-friendly. Pets must be on a leash not to exceed 6 feet in length. Please do not leave your pet unattended. Also, please clean up after your pet.

The Ocracoke Lighthouse is an OBX Pet-Friendly (Small) Wedding Venue.
The wedding party is limited to 12 people at this location. Please see more detailed information at:

Currituck Annual Free Rabies Vaccine Clinic - Rescheduled

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