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Happy Saint Patrick's Day! from the Pet-Friendly OBX! & Parade Route for March 20, 2022

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! The Outer Banks of North Carolina is dressing in the Green and preparing for the  Annual "Kelly's St. Patrick's Day Parade," scheduled for Sunday, March 20th, 2022, at 1 pm.

So, Don't put away the Green after today; there is much more Celebration in store on the Pet-Friendly OBX!

Unfortunately, the annual Kelly's St. Patrick's Day Parade has been canceled for the past two years due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. This Parade is a Huge Celebration! so Dress in the Green! & get ready to Celebrate!

The 1.2 mile Kelly's Saint Patrick's Day Parade starts at milepost 11.5 on E Bladen Street in Nags Head and continues North down Virginia Dare Trail (the beach road), ending on E Driftwood Street in Nag Head, NC.

The following is the parade route:

By using the landmark of Dowdy Park, 3005 S Croatan Hwy, Nags Head, NC, if you turn off of Hwy 158 / S Croatan Hwy AKA the Bypass, on to E Bonnett Street like you going to the parking lot for Dowdy Park, bypass the Park and take your first Right, you will be on S Wrightsville Ave. If you continue down S Wrightsville Ave., until you come to your second Left, you will turn onto E Bladen Street.

From E Bladen Street, the Parade will start entering Virginia Dare Trail (the beach road) heading North. 

There is a beach access with parking across from E Bladen St. 
Please be aware that this Bladen St. beach access is being utilized by the Co-Grand Marshalls of the Kelly's St. Patrick's Day Parade, "Coastal Humane Society," as a staging area to enter the Parade. "The Outer Banks Hospital" is the other Co-Grand Marshalls for this years Kelly's St. Patrick's Day Parade.

To locate other Nags Head beach access parking areas for parking during the Parade, please see the Town of Nags Head's website at  or

The Parade ends at E Driftwood St. Nags Head, NC, which is the area also known as Gallery Row Arts District. Some of the businesses on this street include:

Glenn Eure Ghost Fleet Gallery
210 E Driftwood St.
Nags Head, NC 27959
(252) 441-6584

Jewelry by Gail, Inc.
207 E Driftwood St.
Nags Head, NC 27959
(252) 441-5387

Now that you know the
Date: Sunday, March 20th, 2022
The time: 1 pm
You also know the route and possible parking areas; make plans today to join in the Celebration at the annual Kelly's St. Patrick's Day Parade!

Dress your Dog in Green too! But don't forget that pets must be leashed at all times within the Town of Nags Head & please clean up after your pet.

Also please see "Outer Banks Pet Events 2022" for more information about the Parade.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

OBX Pet-Friendly Nags Head - History Legends & What you'll find Today!

The Town of Nags Head, NC, is the sixth community from the northernmost portion of the Outer Banks peninsula, designated on the Pampered Pets Guide, Outer Banks Map.

For Pampered Pets Guide - Outer Banks Map Please See: Outer Banks Map - Islands, Towns & Villages

Starting at the Virginia state line: North to South

Explore the Pet-Friendly Beaches of Currituck

The Most Exclusive Pet-Friendly Beach Town on the Outer Banks - Duck

The Pet-Friendly OBX Beach Town of Southern Shores

Unleashing the Fun in the Pet-Friendly Town of Kitty Hawk NC!

Pet-Friendly Adventure Awaits in the OBX Town of Kill Devil Hills, NC

Visit OBX Pet-Friendly Colington Island! (Kill Devil Hills E-1 Colington Island)

The Outer Banks beach town of Nags Head, NC, is renowned for its association with Jockey's Ridge State Park, the largest sand dunes on the East Coast. There are two legends associated with Jockey's Ridge State Park Dunes. Both legends are associated with Names.

It has long been told that the original settlers of the barrier islands of the Outer Banks were indeed land pirates. The inhabitants would walk an old Nag with a lantern around its neck, up and down the vast mountain of sand dunes, in the dark of night. 

From out in the Atlantic Ocean, passing ships would see the light bobbing in the distance and think another ship was near. The ships brave enough to investigate and draw near the bobbing lights quickly became shoaled up and stuck in the shallows of the barrier islands.

The local inhabitants would quickly rescue the poor unfortunate victims. They would even help dismantle the sea vessel to use the wood for homes of their new neighbors that would assimilate into the population.

The story of the old Nag that lured the sailing ships from days of old to the shallow shoals along the Outer Banks is said to be how the town of Nags Head got its name.

Horses have always been associated with the Outer Banks. Wild Horses still roam the Outer Banks in the neighboring county on the Currituck Beaches, said to be descendants of Spanish Mustangs shipwrecked centuries ago.

As time went by & the population grew, so did the animal population that was shipwrecked, including dogs, cats, cows, chickens & yes, the prized horse.

Horse races started to be a greatly anticipated planned event for the population to enjoy. It has been told that large groups of people would gather atop the giant mountainous dunes to watch the horse races below the dunes on the flat sandy soil.

The horse races from times of old are said to be how Jockey's Ridge got its name.

Today Jockey's Ridge remains a prominent attraction in the town of Nags Head, NC. Thousands of people visit Jockey's Ridge State Park each year & the Park is pet-friendly. 

The "31st Annual Kelly's Saint Patrick's Day Parade" on the Beach Road in Nags Head, NC, is scheduled for March 20th, 2022, after two years' absences due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

"Bark in the Park" is sponsored by Outer Banks SPCA, is scheduled for April 24th, 2022, at  Dowdy Park. 

For more information, please see "Outer Banks Pet Events."

The Town of Nags Head "Public Beach Access" information, including wheelchair accessible beach access, can be found on The Town of Nags Head website at or

Pets are welcome on the beaches of Nags Head year-round. Leash law requires that pets be leashed at all times. Owners are also required to clean up after their pets. (The Town of Nags Head - "Anyone who violates the leash law is subject to a criminal and/or civil penalty.")

On the westside of Nags Head, all of the "Public Sound Accesses" are listed at

Driving on the Beach in the Town of Nags is allowed from October 1st of each year thru April 30th with the purchase of a Temporary (up to 14 days) or Seasonal Beach driving permit. 

The Town of Nags Head has created an absolutely fantastic "Driving on the Beach in Nags Head, North Carolina." Youtube video at

2:20 minutes well spent.

Nags Head, NC beach driving permits are recognized by the Town of Kill Devil Hills, NC, and vice versa. For information on Beach Driving in Nags Head, NC, please see:  &

There is a Dog Park in Nags Head that is Free & open to the public. There is no registration required to use this dog park that is open from 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset. Two sections are available, one for dogs under 30 lbs. & under and the other for larger dogs over 30 lbs. To see the rules for

Nags Head Dog Park
227 W. Satterfield Landing Rd
Nags Head, NC 27959

Please see

In addition to the Atlantic Oceanfront & Nags Head Dog Park, The Town of Nags Head is the location of other Pet-Friendly Attractions.

Nags Head Woods encompasses property located in the Town of Nags Head and the Town of Kill Devil Hills.

The Nature Conservancy, Nags Head Woods Preserve
701 Ocean Acres Dr.
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
(252) 441-2525

Leashed pets are allowed on the lightly traveled road running through the Nags Head Woods Preserve. Pets are not permitted inside buildings or on the trails. Leashes are required with no length requirement.

Up to Date: "Leashed Dogs are allowed on the following trails: Discovery, Roanoke, ADA and Town Trail. Dogs are not allowed on the Center, Sweetgum and Blueberry Ridge Trails." posted by The Town of Kill Devil Hills, NC

Jockey's Ridge State Park
300 W Carolista Dr.
Nags Head, NC 27959
(252) 441-7132
Jockey's Ridge is the largest natural sand dune on the East Coast. Dog leashes can not exceed six feet at this location. Jockey's Ridge State Park

Dowdy Park
3005 S Croatan Hwy
Nags Head, NC
Town of Nags Head
 (252) 449-2021

This Park is a recreational area for all ages. In addition to the Playground, Basketball court, fixed Tables, Chairs, Benches, BBQ Grills, and Restrooms, Dowdy Park boasts an Amphitheater & much more. Pets are required to be on a leash at all times. You must also clean up after pets. Pet-Friendly Dowdy Park - OBX Memories Old & New!

If you need a veterinarian while on your Outer Banks Pet-Friendly Vacation, there are two Veterinarian offices in the Town of Nags Head, NC.

206 East Gallery Row
Nags Head, NC 27959...................................................................252-715-5300

101 E Dowitcher Street
Nags Head, NC 27959....................................................................252-441-8611

Pet Supplies in Nags Head, NC

2210 S Croatan Hwy
Mile Post 10
Nags Head, NC 27959
(252) 564-3061

Ace Hardware
2718 S Croatan Hwy
Nags Head, NC 27959 
(252) 441-5644

Dollar Tree 
5000 S Croatan Highway
Nags Head, NC 27959

Food Lion
2515 S Croatan Hwy
Nags Head, NC 27959
(252) 449-8852

Food Lion
5200 S Croatan Hwy
Nags Head, NC 27959
(252) 441-4118

Oceanfront Pet-Friendly Weddings in the
Town of Nags Head does not require a permit, but please see
The 2022 OBX Wedding Expo was March 5 & 6, but you may still find some good information and connections at:

Nags Head, NC Pet-Friendly Hotels, Motels & Inns

Blue Heron Motel
6811 S Virginia Dare Trail
Nags Head, NC 27959..................................................................252-441-7447

Colonial Inn Motel
3329 S Virginia Dare Trail
Nags Head, NC 27959...................................................................252-441-7308

Fin N' Feather Waterside Inn
7740 S Virginia Dare Trail
Nags Head, NC 27959....................................................................866-316-1843

Sea Foam Motel

7111 South Virginia Dare Trail
Nags Head, NC 27959.......................................................................252-441-7320

Seahorse Inn & Cottages
7218 S Virginia Dare Trail
Nags Head, NC 27959.......................................................................252-441-5242

Tar Heel Motel
7010 Virginia Dare Trail
Nags Head, NC 27959........................................................................877-585-3292

Nags Head, NC Pet-Friendly Beach Home Vacation Rentals

Cove Realty
105 E Dunn St.
Nags Head, NC 27959
(800) 635-7007

Resort Realty Outer Banks 
5219 S Croatan Hwy #9500
Nags Head, NC 27959
(800) 458-3830

 Stan White Realty & Construction, Inc.
2506 S Croatan Hwy
Nags Head, NC 27959
(252) 441-1515

Village Realty
5301 S Croatan Hwy
Nags Head, NC 27959
(252) 480-2224

Also see 

Visit OBX Pet-Friendly South Nags Head !

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