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Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge - OBX Alligators & Wolfs, & Bears, Oh My!

Black Bear at Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge
photo by Seaside Photography
Alligators & Wolfs,& Bears, Oh My! on the OBX!

A large majority of visitors that drive to the Outer Banks cross the Alligator River on their journey to the Outer Banks. As they go through the sparsely populated village of East Lake on the mainland of Dare County, traveling scenic highway 264, many will notice the abundance of Wildlife signs. Deer crossing signs, Bear crossing signs, and National Wildlife signs.

Many don't realize that they passed the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge established in 1984. As a result, an abundance of wildlife populates this vast area.

When most people think of Alligators, they think of the Florida Everglades or the Louisiana Bayou, not the Outer Banks. Yet, there are 152,000 archers in the Alligator National Wildlife Refuge, located on the mainland of Dare & Hyde County, NC. 

The American Alligators in the Alligator National Wildlife Refuge are an endangered species under the Federal Government's protection. The American Alligator is the Outer Banks' most famous Reptile on the Refuge. American Alligators have swum in the border canals of highway 64/264; you may see cars parked along the roadside, taking pictures. American Alligators have also been photographed at Milltail Creek & Sawyer Lake.

The largest population of Black Bears in the Southeastern United States live at the Alligator River Wildlife Refuge. It's not unusual to see dozens of Black Bears in an hour's drive through the Refuge. There are "RULES OF BEHAVIOR AROUND BEARS"
Posted by the US Fish & Wildlife Service for the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge at, 
Black Bear on Road at Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge
 photo by Seaside Photography

The Endangered Red Wolf roams the Alligator River Wildlife Refuge, making this Refuge the only place in the whole world to see the Red Wolf in their natural wild habitat.

Several turtles live in the Refuge. Yellow-Bellied Sliders sun themselves on fallen logs in the canals often. There are snapping turtles in the waterways. You may also see a box turtle in its natural wooded habitat.

There are eight snake species known to inhabit the Outer Banks. Only two are venomous. The Cotton Mouth is the world's only semi-aquatic venomous snake and is indigenous to the area. The Timber Rattlesnake is the other venomous snake that inhabits the Outer Banks. 

Gravel roads run through the Refuge, available for public traffic from sunrise to sunset. The speed limit on the Alligator River Wildlife Refuge is 35 miles per hour unless otherwise posted. 
Please see Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge Rules & Regulations. https://www.fws.gov/refuge/Alligator_River/visit/rules_and_regulations.html

Pets are required to be on a leash not to exceed 10 feet in
length, while in the Alligator National Wildlife Refuge.

Several Outer Banks businesses offer guided tours of this sanctuary. In addition, the National Wildlife Service also schedules tours, please see: 

Coastal NC Refuges Gateway Visitor Center  https://www.fws.gov/ncgatewayvc/ 
100 Conservation Way
Manteo, NC 27954
(252) 473-1131

 Alligator National Wildlife Refuge
Milltail Road
East Lake, NC 27935

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A Male Names Defined

 A Male

Ace - (German origin) Ace is a variant of Atz, meaning "One." 

Addicus - (Greek origin) Addicus means "From Attica." 

Adrain - (Latin origin) Adrain means "From Hadria."

AL - (German origin) Al is a variant of  Alberto, the Latinized variant of Albertus, meaning "Bright & Famous."

Alberto - (German origin) Alberto is the Latinized variant of Albertus, meaning "Bright & Famous."

Alexander - (Latin/Greek origin) Alexander is a variant of Alexandros, meaning "Defender of Men."

Alfonzo - (Italian origin) Alfonzo means "Noble & Ready."

Alfred - (British origin) Alfred means "Wise."

Alton - (Location origin) Alton, England.

Alvin - (Old English origin) Alvin means "Noble Friend."

Amadeus - (Latin origin) Amadeus means "Love of God."

America - (Location origin) America's name is the United States of America.

Anchor - (American origin) Anchor means "Secure."

Andy - (Greek origin) Andy is a variant of Andrew, meaning "Brave."

Angelo - (British origin) Angelo means "Angel."

Apollo - (Greco-Roman Mythology) Apollo was the son of Zeus.

Archie - (Teutonic origin) Archie is a variant of Archibald, meaning "Truly Brave."

Aristotle - (Historical Figure) Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC) was an Ancient Greek Philosopher & Polymath. Aristotle was a student of Plato.

Armond - (German origin) Armand means "Soldier."

Arnold - (Location origin) Arnold, California

Ash - (English origin) Ash is a habitational name meaning "Living by and Ash Tree."

Astaire - (Historical Figure) Fred Astaire (May 10, 1899 - June 22, 1987) is considered the best dancer in film history. He was an American actor, singer, choreographer, dancer & television prester still popular today.

Atticus- (Greek origin) Atticus means "From Attica."

Author - (British Legendary Figure) King Author is known for his Knights of the Round Table.

Avalon - (Welsh origin) Avalon means "Island of Fruit (or Apple) Trees."

Avery - (English & French origin) Avery means "Ruler of Elfs."

Axel - (Scandinavian origin) Axel means "My Father is Peace."

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A Female Names Defined


A Female

Adair - (Anglo-Saxton origin) Adair is a female variant of Edger, a variant of Eagar, meaning "Blessed Spear."

Adeline - (French origin) Adeline is a variant  of Adele, meaning "Nobel or Nobility."

Affinity - (Word origin) Affinity means a "Fond Kinsmanship."

Airy - (American origin) Airy means "Life."

Alexa - (Greek origin) Alexa means "Defender of Man."

Alexis - (Greek origin) Alexis means "To Defend."

Alice - (German origin) Alice means "Noble."

Alison (German origin) Alison is a variant of  Alice, meaning "Noble."

Alma - (Latin origin) Alma is a variant of Almus, meaning "Nourishing."

Amelia - (German origin) Amelia means "Industrious."

America - (Location origin) America's name is the United States of America.

Anastasia - (Greek origin) Anastasia is a variant of Aanastasis, meaning "Resurrection." 

Angel - (Greek origin) Angel is a variant of Angelos, meaning "Angel or Messenger."

Angela - (Greek origin) Angela is a variant of Angelos, meaning " Angel or Messenger."

Angelina - (Greek origin) Angelina is a variant of Angelos, meaning " Angel or Messenger."

Anita - (Hebrew origin) Anita is a variant of Ann, meaning "Graceful."

Ann  (Hebrew origin), Ann, means "Graceful."

Annabelle - (French origin) Annabelle means "Graceful & Beautiful."

Annette - (French origin) Annette is a variant of Anne, meaning "Graceful."

Antoinette - (Greek origin) Antoinette is a variant of Anthos, meaning "Flower."

April - (Latin origin) April is a variant of Aperire, meaning "To Open." Therefore, April refers to the opening of blossoms in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Astrid - (Scandinavian origin) Astrid means "Devinely Beautiful."

Athena - (Greek origin) Athena means "Goddess of Wisdom & War."

Audrey - (English origin) Audrey means "Noble Strength."

Autumn - (Latin origin) Autumn is a variant of Autumnus, meaning "Fall or Autumn."

Avalon - (Welsh origin) Avalon means "Island of Fruit (or Apple) Trees."

Avery - (English & French origin) Avery means "Ruler of Elfs."

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B Male Names Defined


B Male

Bailey - (Middle English) Bailey is a variant of Bailiff, meaning "Agent of the Law/ Debt Collector."

Bandit - (American origin) Bandit means "Thief."

Banks- (Middle English) Banks means "Ridge or Hillside."

Bart - (English origin) Bart is the abbreviation for Baronet. a Rank of the British Order, being below a Baron and above a Knight. An example is Sir John Smith, Bart.

Bastain - (French origin) Bastain is a variant of Bastian, meaning "Revered."

Baxter - (Middle English) Baxter is a variant of Bakstere, meaning "Cook."

Bay - (English origin) Bay means "Sea Inlet."

Bear - (English origin) Bear is a variant of Bera, meaning "Bear."

Beau - (French origin) Beau means "Handsome."

Beaufort - (Location origin) Beaufort was established in 1713 & Incorporated in 1723; it is the fourth oldest town in North Carolina.

Beethoven - (Historical Figure) Ludwig van Beethoven (Baptized December 17, 1770 - died March 26, 1827) was a famous German composer still popular today.

Ben - (Hebrew origin) Ben means "Son."

Benny - (Latin origin) Benny means "Blessed."

Billy - (German origin) Billy is a variant of William meaning "Resolute Protector."

Bingo - (Song origin) Georgia, Senator Robert M. Charlton was the first to mention the Bingo song in the USA in 1842. However, the song has obscure origins. "There was a dog and Bingo was his name O."

Black Beard -(Historical Figure) Famed Pirate Black Beard was born Edward Teach in 1680 in Bristol, England. British Naval forces of Ocracoke Island killed him on November 22, 1718.

Blade - (English origin) Blade means "Sword."

Blake - (English origin) Blake is a variant of Blaker, a Village in Norway.

Boomerang - (Australian origin) Boomerang named by the indigenous Aborigines means "A curved flat piece of wood that when thrown will come back to you." 

Boone - (Old French) Boone is a variant of Bon, meaning "Good."

Bran - (Welsh origin) Bran means "Raven."

Brandon - (Location origin) Brandon, Florida in the USA, Brandon City in Manitoba, Canada, and Brandon, England.

Brett - (Middle English origin) Brett is a variant of Breton, meaning the "Celtic People of Britain & Brittany France."

Brice - (Location origin) A small French Village located west of France bears the name of Saint Brice.

Bruce - (Historical Figure) King Robert the Bruce( 1274-1329) was King of the Scotts from 1306-1329.

Bruno - (Old German) Bruno is a variant of Brun, meaning "Brown."

Bryon -(Celtic origin) Bryon is a variant of Brigh, meaning "High/Noble."

Bubba - (American origin) Bubba means "Brother."

Buck - (English origin) Buck means "Deer."

Bud - (American origin) Bud is a variant of Buddy, meaning "Friend."

Buddy- (American origin) Buddy means "Friend."

Buford - (Location origin) The City of Buford is in Georgia, USA.

Butler -(Norman French origin) Butler is a variant of Boutelliller, meaning "Servant in charge of the Wine Cellar."

Buxton - (Location origin) Buxton, England & Buxton, North Carolina

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B Female Names Defined

 B Female 

Babe - (American origin) Babe is a term of endearment.

Baby -(American origin) Baby is a term of endearment.

Bailey - (Middle English) Bailey is a variant of Bailiff, meaning "Agent of the Law/ Debt Collector."

Bambi - (Italian origin) Bambi is a variant of Bambino, meaning "Child."

Banks - (Middle English) Banks means "Ridge or Hillside."

Barb - (Ancient Greek) Barb is a variant of Barbra, a variant of Barbarous, meaning "Foreign or Stranger."

Barbra - (Ancient Greek) Barbra is a variant of Barbarous, meaning "Foreign or Stranger."

Bay - (English origin) Bay means "Sea Inlet."

Bayla -(English origin) Bayla is a variant of Bay, meaning "Sea Inlet."

Beasley - (Location origin) Beasley is Beesley's habitational name, Lancashire, England.

Beatrice - (Latin origin) Beatrice is a variant of Beatus, meaning "Blessed."

Becky - (Hebrew origin) Becky is a variant of Rebecca, meaning "To Bind."

Begonia - (French origin) Begonia means "Begon's Flower."

Bella - (Italian origin) Bella means "Beautiful."

Belle - (French origin) Belle means "Beautiful."

Berma - (Kurdish origin) Berma means "Lady."

Beth - (English origin) Beth is a variant of Elizabeth, meaning "God is my Oath."

Betty - (English origin) Betty is a variant of Elizabeth, meaning "God is my Oath."

Bev - (Location origin) Bev is a variant of Beverly located in East Yorkshire, England.

Billie - (Hebrew origin) Billie is a variant of Bilhah, meaning "Bashful."

Birdy - (Old German) Birdy is a variant of Bertha, meaning "Bright & Famous."

Blair -(Scottish Gaelic origin) Blair is a variant of Blar, meaning "Pain, Meadow or Field."

Blanche - (Latin origin) Blanche is a variant of Blancus, meaning "White."

Brattkins - (unknown origin) Brattkins is a variant of the surname Bratkin.

Breeanna - (Irish origin) Breeanna is a variant of Brianna, meaning " Noble, Strong & Virtuous."

Breeze - (English origin) Breeze means "A Light Gentle Wind."

Brenda - (Famous Character) Brenda was a character in "The Pirate" (Novel) by Sir Walker Scott, publishing date 1822.

Brianna - (Irish origin) Brianna means " Noble, Strong & Virtuous."

Bristol - (Location origin) Bristol is a city in England on the River Avon. Bristol is the birthplace of the famed Pirate Black Beard, born Edward Teach in 1680.

Britney - (English origin) Britney means "From Great Britain."

Britt - (English origin) Britt is a variant of Britney, meaning "From Great Britain."

Buffy - (English origin) Buffy is a variant of Elizabeth, meaning "God is My Oath."

Buttercup - (English origin) Buttercup means "Yellow Flower."

Buttons - (Old French) Buttons is a variant of Boton, which means "Button." 

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C Male Names Defined

 C Male

Caesar - (Historical Figure) Julius Caesar (100-40BC) was the first Roman Emperor.

Caliber - (Arabic origin) Caliber is a variant of Qalib, meaning "Cast or Mold." Caliber is a word used to measure the inside diameter of a gun barrel.

Camus - (Historical Figure) Albert Camus (Nov. 7. 1913 - Jan. 4, 1960) was the second-youngest recipient of a Nobel Prize in Literature at age 44.

Capone - (Historical Figure) Alphonse Gabriel Capone (Jan. 17, 1899 - Jan. 25, 1947) American Businessman & Gangster attained notoriety during the Prohibition concerning the Chicago Outfit.

Captain - (American origin) Captain is a company-grade ranking officer in the US Army, Marine Corps., US Air Force & US Space Force.

Carlton - (Location) Carolton, Melbourne, Victoria is in Australia.

Carr - (Irish origin) Carr is a variant of Gearr, meaning "Short of Height."

Carter - (Middle English) Carter is a variant of Cartere, meaning "Transporter of Goods."

Carova - (Location origin) Carova is a 4x4 accessible-only beach village on the Outer Banks in Currituck County, NC.

Cash - (English origin) Cash means "Maker of Chest."

Chad - (Location origin) The Republic of Chad is a landlocked country in North-Central Africa.

Champ - (Middle English) Champ means "Warrior."

Charles - (Old English) Charles is a variant of Ceorl, meaning "Free Man."

Charleston - (Location origin) Charleston, founded in 1670, is a city port in South Carolina in the USA.

Charlie - (Old English)Charlie is a variant of Charles, a variant of Ceorl, meaning "Free Man."

Chase - (Middle English) Chase means "Huntsman."

Chevy - (French origin) Chevy is a variant of Chevalier, meaning "Horseman & Knight."

Chief - (Old French origin) Chief is a variant of Chef, meaning "Head of a family or clan."

Chomp - (1520s origin) Chomp means to "To Chew Noisily."

Clark - (English origin) Clark means "Scribe or Secretary."

Cletus - (Greek origin) Cletus means "Called Forth."

Cloud - (American origin) Cloud means "Visible Vapor."

Clyde - (Location origin) Clyde River is the third-longest river ins Scotland and the ninth-longest river in the United Kingdom. 

Conner - (Scottish origin) Conner means "Wise."

Cooper - (Anglo-Saxton origin) Cooper was a person that made barrels & buckets.

Cosmo - (Greek origin) Cosmo is a variant of Kosmos, meaning "Orderly Arrangement."

Cotton- (Old English) Cotton is a variant of Cotum, meaning "Cottage." In addition, the cotton plant references the color "White."

Male Names         A     B      C     D     E     F     G      H     I    J    K     L     M

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C Female Names Defined


C Female

Cali - (Greek origin) Cali means "Beautiful."

Camila - (Roman Mythology) Camila was Diana's favored Maiden Warrior.

Cammie - (English origin) Cammie means "Perfect."

Camren - (Hebrew origin) Camren is a variant of Carmella, meaning "Garden."

Can-Can - (Dance origin) Can-Can in the 1840s became a popular high-stepping dance that continues in popularity today in French Cabrets. 

Candy - (American origin) Candy means "Bright & Sweet."

Cappuccino - (Italian origin) Cappuccino references the "Robe Color" of the 16th Century Italian Capuchin Monks.

Cari - (Welsh origin) Cari means "Beloved.

Carolina - (Location origin) North Carolina & South Carolina in the USA.

Carova - (Location origin) Carova is a 4x4 accessible-only beach village on the Outer Banks in Currituck County, NC.

Cathy - (Greek origin) Cathy is a variant of Catherine, meaning "Pure."

Catriona - (Scottish origin) Catriona means "Someone who is Pure."

Cee Cee - (American origin) Cee Cee means "Blind to One's Own Beauty."

Celia - (Latin origin) Celia means "Heaven."

Chanel - (French origin) Chanel means "Canal."

Charlee - (Old English) Carlee is a female variant of Charles, meaning "Free  Man." 

Charlotte - (Old English) Charlotte is a female variant of Charles, meaning "Free Man." 

Charly (Old English) Charly is a female variant of Charles, meaning "Free Man." 

Charm - (American origin) Charm means "Lucky Token."

Cherry (Latin origin) Cherry means "Love & Generosity."

Cindy - (Latin origin) Cindy is a variant of Lucinda, meaning "Light."

Co-Co (Latin origin) Co-Co is a variant of Cosmas meaning, "Harmony."

Coconut - (American origin) Coconut is a nickname that means "Silly or Nutty Acting."

Confetti - (American & Italian origin) Confetti means "Varying Colors & Sweet."

Cotton - (Old English) Cotton is a variant of Cotum, meaning "Cottage." In addition, the cotton plant references the color "White."

Courtney - (Location origin) Courtney, North Carolina.

Cynthia - (Latin origin) Cindy is a variant of Lucinda, meaning "Light."

Female Names     A     B     C     D     E     F     G     H     I     J    K     L    M

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D Male Names Defined

D Male

Dallas - (Location origin) Dallas is a city in Texas in the USA.

Dante - (Latin origin) Donte means "Everlasting."

Dapper - (English adjective) Dapper refers to a male's dashing, handsome, neat appearance. Example: Dan looked Dapper in his new suit.

Dare - (Middle English) Dare is a variant of Deora, meaning "Beloved / Dear."

Darrell - (Norman & French origin) Darrell is a variant of dAirelle, meaning "From Airelle in France."

Dart - (Location origin) River Dart in Devon, England.

Darwin - (Old English origin) Darwin is a variant of Deorwine, meaning "Dear Friend."

Davis - (Welsh origin) Davis means "Son of David."

Deangelo - (Latin origin) Deangelo is a variant of Angelus, meaning "Messenger."

Derick -(English origin) Derick means "People Ruler."

Devon - (Location origin) Devon is a county in southwest England.

Dexter - (English origin) Dexter means "Dyer of Cloths."

Dillon -(Irish origin) Dillion means "Like a Lion."

Dink - (American origin) Dink is a variant of Dinky, meaning "Small."

Doc - (American origin) Doc means "Doctor."

Dobby -(Old English & Old German origin) Dobby is a variant of Rob, a variant of Robert, and means "Bright Fame."

Drake - (Old English) Drake is a variant of Draca, meaning "Dragon."

Duck - (Location origin) Duck is a township on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in Dare County.

Dude -(American origin) In the 1960's Dude was the name for a guy in the beachy Surfer culture.

Dudley - (Location origin) Dudley is a town in England.

Duffy - (Irish origin) Duffy means "Grandson of Dubhthach."

Dugan- (Irish origin) Dugan means "Descendant of Dubhagan."

Duke- (English origin) Duke means "Man of High Rank."

Dusty -(Norse origin) Dusty is a variant of Steinn, meaning "Stone."

Dwain - (Irish origin) Dwain means "Dark."

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