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Kill Devil Hills Animal Control - Questions & Answers

The Town of Kill Devil Hills on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, has two animal control officers and a small animal shelter.

Kill Devil Hills Animal Control 
701B Bermuda Bay Blvd.
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
(252) 480-4047

Sr Animal Control Officer
Wynn, Kelley 

Animal Control Officer
Allen, Christopher

In addition to the number of holding kennels, how long do you hold local Kill Devil Hills animals that have been picked up for owner retrieval?

We currently have 13 Dog Kennels, and we are able to hold up to 6 feral cats and 5 Domestic cats and the Feral cat cages can be used for domesticated cats. Feral cats are held for three days before going to Dare County Animal Shelter, and Domestic Cats/dogs are held for 7 days. If an owner surrenders a pet to us, they are transported within a day. 

Is there a reclaiming fee? 
The reclaim Fee is $50.00 a day for 7 Days then they are transported to Dare County Animal Shelter. 

When are they transferred to the Dare County Animal Shelter?
After the stray/ feral hold has concluded. 

Do you answer wildlife calls, like raccoons, foxes, birds, snakes, etc.?
We do not answer calls for Nuisance wildlife. These Calls are referred to Clyde Joiner or NC Wildlife. With Injured Wildlife, they are either transported to a wildlife rehabber or Roanoke Island Animal Clinic. All abandoned babies are sent to a wildlife rehabber. We do remove Wildlife from a house when they are in the living space within the home. We do remove snakes from houses regardless of species. All snakes get relocated to a wildlife preserve.

Do you or the Police Dept respond to animals hurt by vehicular traffic? Who transports? Are Vets Rotated, or is there 1 Emergency Vet?
We answer all calls relating to animals hit by a car that is deceased or injured. All deceased domesticated animals will be Photographed, scanned for a microchip, and stored for 3 or 4 days. All injured animals will be transported to Roanoke Island Animal Clinic if the owner is not present.

Please add any additional information you think the public would like or need to Know.

All dogs are to be on a physical leash within the town while the dog is off the property. The only other acceptation is the paws park in Aviation Park. 
All dogs on the beach must be on a leash. No dogs are allowed on the Kill Devil Hills beaches between memorial day and labor day from the hours of 9:00 Am to 6:00 Pm. The only acceptation is for service dogs that are with the person that they are servicing, and the dog has to be restrained on a leash. During the off-season, all dogs are allowed on the beach at any time as long as they are restrained with a leash. We do patrol the beach with ATVs. 

Do Not Approach or Feed Wildlife. We have had a lot of problems in 2021 with Wildlife expecting food from people on and off the beach. Feeding Wildlife can cause many health conditions within that animal, and it can be a death sentence for the animal when humans stop feeding it. If any wildlife bites a person, it often results in the animal being destroyed for testing.

(This Question & Answer interview was prior to the Paws Park in Aviation Park being renamed to Mary's Paws Park)

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