Monday, May 9, 2022

Wild Windy Weather on the OBX!

High tide in Kitty Hawk, NC, was at 2:40 pm today, May 9th, 2022. But unlike a normal rising tide, the strong winds today have left beach erosion throughout the Outer Banks of NC.

Kitty Hawk Ocean Rescue is keeping a close eye on the beaches of Kitty Hawk, NC & keeping the beaches safe, as pictured above. Other Outer Banks Ocean Rescue Stations throughout the Outer Banks are also busy doing the same.

Ocean Rescue Stations throughout the Outer Banks of NC are one of the true treasures that you will find on the OBX!

The strong waves pounding the coastline have left beaches shrinking today. Ocean foam rises into the air and covers the sea oats and beach vegetation, holding the dunes in place as the loose beach sand washes into the Atlantic Ocean's strong storm waters.

Please use caution when observing the oceanfront on any portion of the OBX today and for the next few days, as weather predictions call for more days of heavy winds. Please see The Outer Banks Voice, 

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