Monday, May 9, 2022

"OBX Map Picture Find" - #2 Eastern Box Turtle

Pampered Pets Guide "OBX Map Picture Find" - #2

Sea Turtles are not the only turtles on the Outer Banks. The Eastern Box Turtle has a substantial population throughout the OBX. Please be aware while driving on our busy highways to keep an eye out for this native species. It is not uncommon to see traffic stopped as some good samaritan stops to help an Eastern Box Turtle cross the road.

Luckily this Eastern Box Turtle was not in the street, but Pampered Pets Guide photographed it on the OBX. Eastern Box Turtles are easily identifiable, but can you find this Eastern Box Turtle on the OBX?

The Pampered Pets Guide "OBX Map Picture Find" is a fun way to find where Pampered Pets Guide took a picture on the Outer Banks. To find the location of where a photograph was taken, you will use the Pampered Pets Guide's, 

Outer Banks Map - Islands, Towns & Villages" in addition to a clue.

The clue for OBX Map Picture Find -#2 Eastern Box Turtle is:

This photograph was taken in an Outer Banks Town that has three words in its name and starts with the letter "K."

Town of  _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _

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