Friday, May 27, 2022

Cats of the OBX!

Photo by Pampered Pets Guide
 The Outer Banks of North Carolina are associated with the first English Colony in America, the famed Lost Colony. The coast of the Outer Banks is also known around the world as the Graveyard of the Atlantic. There is much mystery upon the shores of the OBX.

The sporadic storms and raging hurricanes that occur on the barrier islands of the Outer Banks of North Carolina have brought much in the way of history and legend. There has been extensive publicity and a continued following of the Wild Horses of Corolla on the Outer Banks. 

Most people don't realize that horses were not the only animals that arrived by ship or were shipwrecked on the Outer Banks. In addition, there is much debate about the feral cat colony on Cape Hatteras Island, the largest wild cat colony on the Outer Banks, and other feral cat colonies scattered throughout the OBX.

Because of the vast population of these feral cats, they have the notoriety of having advocates and people who see them as pests. But unfortunately, the history of how these cats came to America is lost in the debate.

Has this once prized and greatly valued Cat that arrived from Europe lost the admiration and great respect that it once had? If you would like to learn more about how and why cats came with the first English Colony?, please see: "The Lost Colony Cats" and "Have the Lost Colony Cats been Found?"

Three Feral Outer Banks Black and White Cats have become Outer Banks Pet Celebrities and greet visitors on the Outer Banks. Read about

Meet "Runt" Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce "The Chamber Cat"

and meet Camellia & Kevin at the Elizabethan Gardens: A Cats Paradise Home

Learn about the caretakers of the Hatteras Island Feral Cat Colony:

Friends of Felines- Cape Hatteras Island is a non-profit 301 (c) 3 organization and operates solely on donations from the public and small grants. Donations can easily be made online on the Friends of Felines - Cape Hatteras website: All help is greatly appreciated and helps continue the valued work of Friends of Felines - Cape Hatteras.

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