Thursday, April 7, 2022

A Cats Paradise Home

The Elizabethan Gardens  
1411 National Park Dr.
Manteo, NC 27954

(252) 473-3234

Several years ago, two stray cats found a new home at The Elizabethan Gardens where they have been lovingly cared for by the staff. They are a source of delight for seasonal guests to the Roanoke Island Garden oasis. For feline or dog lovers visiting the gardens, this introduction will help you seek out these resident fur friends.

At first the occasional guest may not tell Camellia and Kevin apart. They’re both white cats with black features. They are both excellent mousers says Dan Hossack, gardens manager. But that’s where the similarities stop and their personalities shine. 

     Looking to spot a glimpse? According to Dan, Camellia is the older of the two. She prefers to stay around the area nearest to the Gatehouse and has a very distinguished black meow-stache. “You just might catch her taking a cat nap in the Rose Garden,”  he says.

       She may even wander in to peruse the gift shop. “Camellia has been very helpful with merchandising and office paperwork,” says Ellen Boyd manager of the Royal Exchange Gift Shoppe.

“Kevin on the other hand stays closest to the Butterfly House and Discovery Cottage area.” Don’t be afraid if he scatters from young children. Dan shares that Kevin often scampers when little feet are running around the educational play area.
But don’t consider him unapproachable. Kevin has been known to lead guests on tours of the gardens. He also likes to inspect the site and follows the staff around as they prepare the gardens each morning.

Both cats have been neutered/spayed. And naturally they make annual health visits for their shots remarks Dan. “We take care of them. They have a beautiful place to live and they give us so much joy in return.”

Come visit Kevin and Camellia in The Elizabethan Gardens, open year-round. Canines are welcome too. The gardens offer dog admissions and canine memberships for frequent visitors. 

Article by: John Buford
Photos by Ellen Boyd, courtesy of TEG

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