Sunday, January 9, 2022

Z Male Names Defined

 Z Male 

Zachary - (Hebrew origin) Zachary is a version of Zacharias which means that "God has remembered."

Zack - (Hebrew origin) Zack is a version of Zacharias & Zachary meaning "God has remembered."

Zane - (Variant of John) Since Zane is a variant of John (Hebrew origin), the meaning of this name is "God's gracious gift."

Zeus - (Ancient Greek origin) Zeus is the ancient Greek God of Sky & Thunder, considered the supreme God of the Olympians.

Zink - (Middle-High German origin) Zink is a variant of Zinke, meaning "Peak." This peak is a reference to land topography where someone may live.

Zoomer - (American origin) Zoomer is the nickname for "Generation Z" in America.

Zoomie - (American origin) Zoomie means "Energetic."

Zorro - (Spanish origin) Zorro means "Fox" in Spanish.

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