Sunday, January 16, 2022

Wright Brothers National Memorial - Waved Entrance Fee on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Wright Brothers National Memorial has announced a Waved Entrance Fee Day in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 17, 2022.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 - Assassinated April 4, 1968) was considered the leader of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. King, a Baptist Minister & Activist, is most famously known for his speech delivered on August 28, 1968, near the Washington Monument, in Washington D.C. A quarter-million people participated in the March on Washington that ended with Martin Luther King, Jr. "I Have a Dream" speech.

Martin Luther King, Jr's message was to lift radical oppression by nonviolent resistance.

Fifteen years later, on November 3, 1983, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s wife Coretta Scott King, stood to the right of President Ronald Reagan as he signed into law Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. This holiday was celebrated each year on King's birthday, January 15. 

In 1998 the United States Congress designated Martin Luther King, Jr.'s holiday also a national day of Service & changed the date to the third Tuesday in January each year. "A Day ON" for Service and not a "Day Off."

Wright Brothers National Memorial is pet-friendly. Leashes are not to exceed 6 feet in length at this location. Outer Banks Pet-Friendly Places

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