Sunday, January 9, 2022

W Male Names Defined


W Male 

Wagner - (Middle High German origin) Wagner is an occupational name and means "Cart" or "Wagon."

Walker - (Old English origin) Walker means "to walk or tread."

Wallace - (Welsh origin) Wallace means "Foreigner."

Walter - (Germanic origin) Walter means "Commander of the Army."

Wanchese - (Algonquian Indian origin) Wanchese is a historical Native American of Roanoke Island, NC. Wanchese is also the name of a town on the south end of Roanoke Island, NC.

Warren - (Middle English origin) Warren means "Guard."

Waylon - (English origin) Wayland means "Land by the road."

Wayne - (English origin) Wayne means "Wagon maker."

Wesley - (English origin) Wesley means "Western Meadow."

Wilbur - (Old German) Wilbur means "Brilliant or Resolute."

Willie - (German origin) Willie is a variant of William meaning "Resolute Protector."

Wilson - (English origin) Wilson means "Son of Will."

Winton - (Old English origin) Winton means "Friend's Settlement."

Wolfgang - (Old German) Wolfgang means "Wolf & Path."

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