Sunday, January 9, 2022

W Female Names Defined

 W Female

Wanda - (Polish origin) Wanda means "Wanderer."

Whisper - (American origin) Whisper means "to have a soft voice."

Whitney - (Old English origin) Whitney means "From the white island."

Wichita - (Choctaw origin) Wichita means "Big Arbor." Wichita is also also a city in Kansas, USA.

Wila -(German origin) Wila means "Protection."

Wilhelmina - (German origin) Wilhelmina means "Resolute Protection."

Wilma - (German origin) Wilma is a variant of Wilhelmina; please see above.

Willow - (English origin) Willow means "Willow tree & Freedom."

Windsor - (locational origin) Windsor, NC in the USA & Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Windy - (American origin) Windy means "Strong Winds."

Winifred - (Welch origin) Winifred means "Blessed Peacemaking."

Winnie - (Welch origin) Winnie is a variant of Winifred; please see above.

Winter - (Middle High German) Winter means the "season of Winter."

Wren - (English origin) Wren means "Little bird."

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