Sunday, January 9, 2022

V Female Names Defined

V Female 

Valentina - (Roman origin) 3rd Century, Saint Valentine (175 AD - 269 AD) is associated with courtly love & commemorated on February 14th of each year. Valentina is a variant of Valentine.

Venus - (Roman origin) Venus is a "Roman Goddess."
Venus is also the second planet from the Sun.

Vera - (Latin origin) Vera means "True."

Veronica - (Latin origin) Veronica is a variant of Vera meaning "True."

Vicky - (English origin) Vicky means "Victory."

Viola - (Latin origin) Viola means "Violet.& Purple"

Violet - (Latin origin) Violet is Viola's variant  meaning "Violet.& Purple"

Vivian - (Latin origin) Vivian means "Alive."

Vivianna - (Latin origin) Vivianna is a variant of Vivian meaning "Alive."

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