Sunday, January 9, 2022

T Male Names Defined


T Male

Tag- (American origin)Tag is short for Tagalong it means "to follow another's lead." 

Talmage - (Old French origins) Talmage is a variant of Talemache meaning " Knapsack."

Teddy - (English origin) Teddy means "Gift from God."

Terry -(Old Germanic origin) Terry is a variant of Thierry, meaning "Powerful."

Tex - (American origin) Tex is a nickname from someone from Texas in the USA. 

The - (English origin) The is a word used to describe a Noun in the English language. The is also a variant of Thee in Old English, meaning "You."

Theo - (Greek origin) Theo is a variant of Theodore meaning 
"God's Gift."

Theodore - (Greek origin) Theodore means "God's Gift."

Thomas - (Greek origin) Thomas means "Twin."

Timber - (American origin) Timber means "Wood & Strong."

Toby - (Hebrew origin) Toby is a variant of Tobias & Tobiyah and means " God is Good."

Tom - (Hebrew origin) Tom is a variant of Thomas meaning 

Trey - (French origin) Trey means "Three or Third."

Tristen - (Latin & Celtic origin) Tristen means "Noise."

Truman - (English origin) Truman means "Faithful Man."

Tylor - (Anglo-Saxon & French origins) Tylor means "Layer of tiles." 

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