Sunday, January 9, 2022

T Female Names Defined


T Female

Talulah - (Native American Choctaw origin) Talulah means "Leaping Water."

Tammy - (Hebrew origin) Tammy is a variant of Tamra; please see below. 

Tamra - (Hebrew origin) Tamra means "Palm Tree."

Tania - (Russian origin) Tania means "Fairy Queen."

Terry -(Germanic origin) Terry means "People Rule."

Tess - (Greek origin) Tess is a variant of Theresa, meaning "Harvester."

The- (English origin) The is a word used to describe a Noun in the English language. The is also a variant of Thee in Old English, meaning "You."

Thelma -(Greek origin) Thelma means "Will."

Thomasina - (Greek origin) Thomasina means "Twin."

Tia - (Greek origin) Tia means "Princess."

Tina - (Latin origin) Tina is a variant of Christina and means "Follower of Christ."

Tiny - (American origin) Tiny means "small or little."

Toddles - (American origin) Toddles means to "walk in short tottering steps."

Tori - ( English origin) Tori is a variant of Victoria and means "Winner & Conqueror."

Towanda - (Location origin) Towanda is a location name of three towns in three different states in the USA, Pennsylvania, Kansas & Illinois. 

Twinkle - (American origin) Twinkle means "To light up sporadically."

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