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S Male Names Defined

 S Male

Sailor - (English origin 17th century) A Sailor is a mariner that works aboard a seafaring vessel navigating the great blue sea.

Sal (Spanish origin) Sal is a variant of Salvador that is
a variant of the Latin Salvator meaning "Saviour."

Sam - (Hebrew origin) Sam is a variant of Samuel; please see below.

Sammy - (Hebrew origin) Sammy is a variant of Samuel; please see below.

Samson - (Hebrew origin) Samson means "of the Sun."

Samuel - (Hebrew origin) Samuel means "God has heard."

Sander - (American origin) Sander means "enjoys playing in the sand."

Sawyer - (Middle English origin) Sawyer is a variant of Saghier and means "Sawing Wood."

Seven - (American origin) Seven refers to "Lucky & the number 7."

Shadow - (American origin) Shadow means to "follow closely were ever you go."

Shaw - (Location origin) Shaw is a Village in Berkshire, England.

Sherman - (Anglo-Saxton origin) Sherman means the "Shearer of Wool."

Simon - (Hebrew origin) Simon means "Hearing or Listen."

Simson - (Hebrew origin) Simson is a variant of Shimeon that means "Obedience."

Sion - (Welsh & Hebrew origin) Sion is a variant of John, meaning "God is Gracious."

Skeeter - (American origin) Skeeter is a nickname meaning "Darting & Weaving like a Mosquito."

Skipper - (Middle English) Skipper means "to skip, jump or spring."

Smitty - (Old English) Smitty means "Blacksmith."

Snoop - (Dutch origin) Snoop is derived from the Dutch word: 
"Snoepen," which means "to pry." 

Soldier - (Middle English) Soldier is a variant of Soudeour from Old French, meaning "Mercenary."

Spot - (American origin) Spot refers to a round mark in shape with a different color than the surrounding area.

Storm -(Old Norse) Storm is a derivative of Stormr and refers to 
"Severe Weather." 

Sullivan - (Irish origin) Sullivan means "Hawk eyed or Dark eyed one." 

Sylvester - (Latin origin) Sylvester is a variant of Silvestris, a Latin adjective meaning "Wooden or Wild." Sylvester is also a variant of the Latin noun Silva meaning 

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