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S Female Names Defined

 S Female

Sabrina - (Latin origin) Sabrina means, "From the River Severn." The River Severn is located in Wales and was initially called Habern.

Sadie - (English origin) Sadie is a variant of Sarah and means "Princess."

Sally - (English origin) Sally is a derivative of Sarah, meaning "Little Princess."

Sasha - (Russian origin) Sasha is a variant of the Greek Alexander and means "Defender of Man."

Savannah - (Location origin) Savannah is the name of a city in Georgia in the USA.

Selena - (Greek origin) Seleena means "of the Moon."

Shadow - (American origin) Shadow means to "follow closely were ever you go."

Shannon - (Irish origin) Shannon means "Straw Worker."

Shelah - (Australian origin) Shelah refers to a female of Irish heritage.

Shelly - (English adjective origin) Shelly is used in describing a Shelly Surf or a Shelly Shore.

Shirley - (English origin) Shirley means "Bright Meadow."

Skyla - (Old Norse) Skyla is a variant of Sky meaning "Cloud."
In Scotland, the largest island is the Isle of Skye.

Spice - (Old French) Spice is a variant of espice meaning "Grocer" because they sell spices.

Spring - (German origin) Spring is a variant of Sprink (Middle Low German) & Sprinc (Middle High German), meaning a "Spring or Well." Spring is a topographic name.

Stella - (Dutch origin) Stella is a variant of Ster, meaning "Star."

Storm -(Old Norse) Storm is a derivative of Stormr and refers to "Severe Weather."

Stormy - (Old Norse) Stormy is a variant of Storm; please see above.

Strawberry - (American origin) Strawberry is a nickname for "Red Headed."

Suki - (Japanese origin) Suki means "Beloved."

Summer - (English origin) Summer means the "Warmest Season of the calendar year."

Sunshine - (English origin) Sunshine means "Light from the Sun."

Swan - (Middle English) Swan is a nickname that refers to the attributes of the Swan being "Purity & Excellence."

Sweet Pea - (American origin) In America, the nickname Sweet Pea is a term of endearment for "Heartfelt Love," not romantic. The Sweet Pea plant is native to China. Lathyrus Odoratus, the scientific name, means "Fragrant."

Sydney - (Location origin) Sydney is Australia's largest city and the capital of New South Wales. 

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