Sunday, January 9, 2022

R Male Names Defined

 R Male

Radar - (American origin) Radar nickname means "to be Aware."

Raleigh - (Old English origin) Raleigh is a variant of Raleleia recorded in the Domesday Book in 1086. Raleleia means "Red Wood." A famous person related to Raleigh's name is "Sir Walter Raleigh."

Ralph - (British origin) Ralph means "Wolf Counsel." 

Rascal - (Old French) Rascal is a variant of Rascaille, meaning "Outcast & Rabble."

Ray - (Old German origin) Ray is a variant of Raymond and means "Wise Protector."

Reggie - (Norman origin) Reggie is a variant of Reynold, meaning "Ruler's Advisor."

Ricky - (American origin) Ricky is a variant of Richard and means "Brave Ruler."

River - (Latin origin) River is a variant of Ripa, meaning "Riverbank."

Rob - (Old English & Old German origin) Rob is a variant of Robert and means "Bright Fame."

Robin - (Old English & Old German origin) Robin is a variant of Robert and means "Bright Fame."

Robinson - (Norse Gaelic origin) Robinson means "Son of Robert."

Roger - (Norman origin) Roger is a variant of Rog(i)er meaning "Famous Spear."

Ron - (Old Norse & Old English) Ron is a variant of Ronald and means, "Advice, Decision & Ruler."

Rosco - (Cornish origin) Rosco means "Doe Wood."

Ross - (Welsh origin) Ross is a variant of Rhos and means "Upland or Moorland."

Rover - (Middle English origin) Rover means "Traveler & Wanderer."

Roy - (Scottish origin) Roy is a variant of the Garlic Ruadh which means "Red." So Roy was a nickname for a redhead.

Ruff - (Olde English pre 7th-century origin) Ruff is a variant of Ruh meaning "Rough."

Rusty - (American origin) Rusty means "Redheaded." 

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