Sunday, January 9, 2022

P Male Names Defined


P Male

Pal (Latin origin) Pal is a variant of Paulus meaning "Small." Pal also means "Friend."

Pan - (Greek Mythology origin) Pan is a Greek God.

Panda - (Nepalese origin) Panda is a variant of Nigialya Pomya, meaning "Eater of Bamboo."

Panglossian - (Greek origin) Panglossian is a variant of Pangloss which means "All Languages."

Pat - (English & Irish origin) Pat means "Noble."

Patch - (American origin) Patches are cloth used to mend something causing different variations in color. Therefore, the name Patch given to pets means "Varied Color."

Patrick - (Latin origin) Patrick is a variant of Patricius which means "of Noble Origin."

Percy -(French origin) Percy means "Pierce Valley."

Pete - (Greek origin) Pete is a variant of Peter and means "Rock."

Peter - (Greek origin) Peter is a variant of Petros, meaning "Rock."

Phoenix (Location origin) Phoenix is the capital of Arizona in the United States of America.

Poe - (English origin) Poe means "Peacock."

Pop (Ancient Scottish Picts) Pop is a name meaning "Confident or Haughty."

Prince - (Latin origin) Prince is a variant of Princeps which means "Someone who behaves in a Regal Manner."

Private - (American origin) Private is an enlisted ranking title for people enrolled in the US Army or Marine Corps.

Puck - (Shakespearean Character origin) Puck is a Fairy character in Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer's Night Dream."

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