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P Female Names Defined


P Female

Pamela - (Ancient Greek origin) Pamela is a compound variant of Pan meaning "All" and Meli meaning "Honey."

Pandora -(Greek Mythology origin) Pandora means "All Gifted."

Pat - (English & Irish origin) Pat means "Noble."

Patches - (American origin) Patches are cloth used to mend something causing different variations in color. Therefore, the name Patches given to pets means "Varied Colors."

Patience - (Latin origin) Patience is a variant of Patientia and means "Act of being Patient."

Patsy - (English & Irish origin) Patsy is a variant of Pat and means "Noble."

Patty - (English & Irish origin) Patty 
is a variant of Pat and means "Noble."

Pebbles - (Old English origin) Pebbles is a variant of Popp which means "Pebble." 

Penny - (American origin) Penny refers to USA coin currency. 

Piper - (Middle English origin) Piper is a variant of Pipere, meaning "Someone who played the Pipes." (Pipes are reference to the Bagpipe instrument.)

Pixie - (Mythological origin) Pixie means "Fairy."

Pollyanna -(American origin) Eleanor H. Porter made Pollyanna popular with her 1913 novel "Pollyanna," now in Public Domain. 
Pollyanna refers to an "Optimistic Person."

Popin (Old English) Popin is a variant of Popp which means "Pebble."

Princess - (English origin) Princess means "Royal Daughter."

Prissy - (American origin) Prissy means "Overly Picky."

Pumpkin - (American origin) Pumpkin is a term of endearment in America for "Heartfelt Love," not romantic. Other examples are Sweet Pea & Sweetie Pie.

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