Sunday, January 9, 2022

O Male Names Defined


O Male

OB - (Outer Banks origin) OB is short for "Outer Banks."

Olaf - (Old Norse) Olaf is a variant of Olafr, meaning "Ancestral Heritage."

Oliver- (Old Norse) Oliver is a variant of Aleifr that means "Ancestor's Descendant."

Ollie - (Latin origin) Ollie means "Olive Tree."

Onyx - (English origin) Onyx means "Black Gemstone."

Opie - (Norse-Viking origin) Opie means "Son of Asbjorn."

Orion - (Greek Mythology) Orion was a "Mighty Hunter."

Oscar - (Irish origins) Oscar has a compound meaning of Os, meaning "Deer," and Car meaning "Friend."

Ozzy - (German origin) Ozzy means "Divine Power."

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