Monday, January 10, 2022

M Male Names Defined

 M Male

Major -(American origin) Major is a 22nd rank above Captain & below Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army.

Manny - (Hebrew origin) Manny is a variant of Manuel, meaning "God with Us."

Manteo - (Location origin) Manteo is a town on Historic Roanoke Island, NC. Manteo is named after a historic Native American with ties to the island's first English Colony in the new world, "The Lost Colony."

Markus - (Dutch origin) Markus means "Of Mars."

Mars - (Latin origin) Mars means "Male."     

Marshal - (American origin) A Marshal is a United States Officer working for the Federal Government's United States Marshal Service, founded in 1789.

Max - (Latin origin) Max is a variant of Maximus meaning "The Greatest."

Maximillian - (Latin origin) Maximillian is a variant of Maximus meaning "The Greatest."

Maximus - (Latin origin) Maximus means "The Greatest."

Merlin - (Welsh origin) Merlin is a variant of Myrrdin, meaning "Sea Fortress." 

Melville - (Location origin) Melville is an affluent hamlet on Long Island, New York.

Memphis - (Location origin) Memphis is a city in Tennessee, USA.

Mojo - (Mystic origins) Mojo means "Magic Spell / Talisman."

Montgomery - (Location origin) Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama, USA.

Mordred - (Old Welsh origin) Mordred is a variant of Medraut, meaning "Brave.

Morton - (English & Scottish origin) Morton is a variant of Mor(e)ton and means "Settlement on the Moor."

Murphy - (Irish origin) Murphy is a variant of Muir and means "Sea Warrior."

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