Monday, January 10, 2022

M Female Names Defined


M Female

Mabel -(Latin origin) Mabel is a variant of Amabilis, meaning "Lovable & Dear."

Macey -(Hebrew origin) Macy is a variant of Matityahu, meaning "A Gift from God."

Maggie - (English origin) Maggie is a variant of Margaret meaning "Pearl."

Magnolia - (Latin origin) Magnolia means "A Flower."

Maisie -(English origin) Maisie is a variant of Margaret, meaning "Pearl."

Marina - (Latin origin) Marina is a variant of Marinus meaning, "of the Sea."

Marsha - (Latin origin) Marsha is a variant of Marcia, the female variant of Marcus meaning, "Dedicated to Mars."

Martha - (Ancient Greek) Martha means "Lady."

Maryetta - (Location origin) Maryetta is in Oklahoma in the USA.

Meryl - (Irish Gaelic origin) Meryl is a variant of Muir, meaning "Sea," & Geal meaning "Bright."

Metis - (Greek Mythology origin) Metis was the first wife of Zeus. Metis was the Greek "Goddess of Wisdom."

Miley - (Latin origin) Miley is a female variant of Miles, a variant of Mailz meaning "Soldier."

Minerva -(Roman Mythology) Minerva was the Roman "Goddess of Wisdom."

Minnie - (Roman origin) Minnie is a variant of Minerva and means "Intellect." 

Misty - (American origin) Misty means "Mist & Dew."

Molly - (Ancient Greek) Molly is a variant of Martha, meaning "Lady."

Morgan - (Welsh origin) Morgan is a variant of Mor Rioghain, meaning "Great Queen."

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