Monday, January 10, 2022

L Male Names Defined


L Male

Lad - (British origin) lad means "Stable Worker."

Lancer - (English origin) Lancer is a variant of Lance meaning "Land."

Leaf - (English origin) Leaf is a variant of Leofa, meaning "Beloved."

Leland - (English origin) Leland means "Meadowland."

Lennon - (Gaelic origin) Lennon is a variant of Leannan, meaning "Little Cloak."

Lenny - (English origin) Lenny is a variant of Leonard, meaning "Brave as a Lion."

Levi - (Biblical origin) Levi is the third son of Jacob.
Before Mathew became an apostle of Jesus, his name was Levi.

Levy - (Biblical origin) Levy is a variant of Levi; please see above.

Levon - (Greek origin) Levon is a variant of Leon, meaning "Lion."

Link - (Latin origin) Link is a variant of Lin meaning "A Pond."

Leo - (Latin origin) Leo is the Latin word for "Lion."

Little B - (compound origin) Little meaning "Small" & B for Bee meaning "Busy."

Lucas - (Latin origin) Lucas is a variant of Luke, a variant of Lux meaning "Light."

Lucky - (American origin) Lucky means "Fortunate."

Luke - (Biblical origin) Luke was one of the four Gospel writers of the New Testament.

Luther - (Location origin) Luther, Oklahoma, is located on historic Route 66 and is 30 miles northeast of Oklahoma City.

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