Monday, January 10, 2022

L Female Names Defined


L Female

Lacey - (Norman/French origin) Lacey is a variant of a location-based name of Lassy, a town in northwestern France.

Lala - (Bulgarian origin) Lala means "Tulip."

Lana - (Irish origin) Lana is a variant of Leanbh, meaning "Child."

Lavinia - (Roman mythology) Lavinia is a variant of Louvenia, considered the "Mother of Rome."

Layla - (Arabic origins) Layla is a variant of Laila, meaning "Night & Blessed."

Letterbi - (compound origin) Letter meaning "Messanger," bi for Bee, meaning "Busy."

Lotty - (French origin) Lotty is a variant of Charlotte and means "Petite." 

Lou-Lou - (Latin origin) LouLou is a variant of Lou and means "Light."

Louvenia - (Roman Mythology) Louvenia is the "Mother of Rome."

Lovey - (American origin) Lovey means "Loved One."

Lucy- (Latin origin) Lucy is a variant of Lux, meaning "Light."

Lucky - (American origin) Lucky means "Fortunate."

Lula - (English origin) Lula is a variant of Louisa, meaning "Famous Warrior."

Luna - (Ancient Roman Mythology) Luna is the "Moon Goddess."

Lydia - (Greek origin) Lydia is a variant of Ludia, meaning "Beautiful One."

Lynn - (Welsh origin) Lynn means "Lake."

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