Monday, January 10, 2022

K Male Names Defined

 K Male

Kamron - (Gaelic origin) Kamron is a variant of Cam, meaning "Crooked Nose."

Ken - (Gaelic origin) Ken is a variant of Kenneth derived from Coinneach, meaning "Handsome."

Kencade - (Scottish Gaelic origin) Kencade is a variant of Kincaid, a variant of Ceann-Cadha, meaning "Steep way or Pass."

Kent - (Location origin) Kent is a county in England's southeast.
In the United States, there is Kent, Washington & Kent, Ohio.

Kick - (Middle English) Kick is a variant of Kiken meaning "To Watch."

King - (Old English) King is a variant of Cyning, meaning "Tribal Leader."

Kinnakeeter - (Location origin) Kinnakeet is the original name of Avon, NC, on Hatteras Island.  Kinnakeeter is a location based nickname.

Kirby - (Old Norse) Kirby means "Church Settlement."

Knight - (Middle English) Knight is a title from Knynghte, meaning an "Armored Knight."

Kodiak - (Location origin) Kodiak is a city in Alaska in the United States.

Kramer - (High German) Kramer is a surname meaning "Shopkeeper."

Kyle -(Gaelic origin) Kyle is a variant of Coal meaning "A Strait,"
describing the waters between two islands or an island and mainland. 

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