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J Female Names Defined


J Female

Jade - (Spanish origin) Jade shares the name Jade with the gemstone of the same name. Piedra De La Ijada, means "Stone of the Colic." A Jade stone placed on a child's stomach was credited as a healing stone for colicky babies.

Jadis - (Hindi origin) Jadis is a variant of Jadu meaning, "Magic."

Jane - (Hebrew origin) Jane is a variant of Yochanan, meaning "God is Gracious."

Jasmine - (Persian origin) Jasmine is a variant of Yasmin, meaning "Fragrant Flower."

Jean - (Hebrew origin) Jean is a variant of Jane, meaning "God is Gracious." 

Jeta - (English origin) Jeta/Jetta means "Jet."

Jezabelle - (Biblical origin) Jezabelle/Jezebel was the wife of Ahab in the Bible.

Jill - (English origin) Jill means "Child of God."

Jolene - (French origin) Jolene is a variant of Jolie meaning "Beautiful."

Julep - (Ancient Persian) Julep is a variant of Gulab, meaning "Rosewater."

Julia - (Ancient Roman) Julia is a variant of Julius associated with the Roman God Jupiter. Julia means "Supreme God."

June - (English origin) June means "Born in June."
The month of June was named based on the Roman Goddess Juno.

Juno - (Ancient Roman) Juno was the "Queen of the Gods."

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