Monday, January 10, 2022

I Female Names Defined


I Female

Ida - (High German origin) Ida is a variant of Id, meaning "Industrious."

Illeana - (Ancient Greek origin) Illeana is a variant of Helane, meaning "Bright."

Irene - (Greek origin) Irene is a variant of Eirene, meaning "Peace."

Irma - (Old High German origin) Irma is a variant of Irmin, meaning "World."

Iris - (Greek origin) Iris comes from the Greek word Iris, meaning "Rainbow."

Itsy - (English origin) Itsy means "Very Small."

Itzy - (English origin) Itzy is a variant of Itsy, meaning "Very Small."

Ivory - (English origin) Ivory means "Pale/White."

Ivy - (Old English origin) Ivy is a variant of Ifig, meaning "Vine."

Izzy - (Hebrew origin) Izzy means "God's Promise."

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