Monday, January 10, 2022

H Male Names Defined

 H Male

Ham - (Biblical origin) Ham was one of Noah's sons in the Old Testament.

Hamilton - (Historical Figure) Alexander Hamilton (Jan. 11, 1755 - July 12, 1804) was one of the United States' founding fathers.

Handley -(Old English) Handley is a variant of Hanley meaning"High Meadow."

Hank - (Old German) Hank is a variant of Henry, meaning "Ruler of Home."

Harley - (Old English) Harley is a compound variant of Hara, meaning "Hare," and Leah, meaning "Meadow." Harley is an English Surname, meaning "Hare's Meadow."

Harry - (Old German) Harry is a variant of Heimerich meaning, "Home Ruler."

Harvey - (English & Scottish origin) Harvey means "Battle Worthy."

Harvard - (Old English) Harvard is a variant of Hereward, meaning "Army Guard." 

Henry - (French / German origin) Henry is a variant of Himirich, meaning "Home Ruler."

Herbie - (German origin) Herbie is a variant of Herbert, meaning "Bright Army."

Hero - (Greek origin) Hero means "Hero."

Herman - (Ancient German origin) Herman means "Soldier / Warrior."

Hondo (Location origin) Hondo, Texas in the USA.

Hoover - (German / Dutch origin) Hoover is a variant of Hueber, meaning "Prosperous  landowner."

Hoss - (American Slang) Hoss is slang for "Big as a Horse."

Hugo - (Old English) Hugo is a variant of Hyge, meaning "Mind & Spirit."

Hurley - (English & Irish origin) Hurley means "Sea Tide."

Hutzpah - (Hebrew origin) Hutzpah is a variant of Chutzpah, meaning "Exstream Self- Confidence."

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