Monday, January 10, 2022

H Female Names Defined


H Female

Hadley - (English origin) Hadley means "Heather Field."

Hanna - (Hebrew origin) Hanna is a variant of Channah, meaning "Grace."

Harper - (Middle Dutch origin) Harper is a variant of Harp, meaning "Harp Player."

Hattie - (American origin) Hattie is a variant of Harriet, meaning "Home Ruler."

Haven - (English origin) Haven means "Safe Place."

Hayley - (Old English) Hayley is a compound variant of Heg, meaning "Hay" & Leah, meaning "Meadow."

Hazel - (Old English) Hazel means the "Hazel tree & the color Hazel."

Heather - (Middle English) Heather is a variant of Hather,
meaning the plant "Heather."

Heidi - (Germanic origin) Heidi is a short variant of Adelheid, meaning "Nobel Kind or Type."

Helen - (Greek origin) Helen is a variant of Helene, meaning "Light."

Helena (Greek origin) Helena is a variant of Helene, meaning "Light."

Hera - (Greek Mythology) Hera is a variant of Heros, meaning "Warrior Queen." Hera was the wife of Zeus.

Hermione - (Shakespearian origin) Hermione was the Queen of Sicily in Shakespeare's play "The Winter's Tale." 

Hilda - (Old Norse) Hilda is a variant of Hildr, meaning "Battle."

Hillary - (Latin origin) Hillary is a variant of Haliras, meaning "Cheerful."

Holly - (Old English origin) Holly is a variant of Hol Leah, meaning "Dwelling by the Hollow."

Hope - (Old English) Hope is a variant of Hopian, meaning "Hope."

Honor - (English origin) Honor means "Dignity."

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