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G Male Name Defined


G Male

Ganesh - (Sanskrit origin) Ganesh means "god of the multitude."

Garfield - (Old English) Garfield is a compound variant of Gar, meaning "Triangular Land," & Feld, meaning "Open Country or Field."

Garth - (Northern Middle English origin) Garth means "Enclosed Area." thought to refer to an orchard or paddock.

Garrett - (Norse origin) Garrett means "Defender."

Gavin - (Welsh origin) Gavin is a variant of Gawain, meaning "White Falcon."

Gawain- (Welsh origin) Gwain means "White Falcon." Sir Gawain was one of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table.

Gaylord - (Norse origin) Gaylord is a variant of Gaillard, meaning "High Spirited."

General - (American origin) General is a ranking officer title for people enrolled in the US Army, Marine Corps., Air Force, and Navy.

George - (Greek origin) George is a variant of Gerogo, meaning "Farmer."

Geronimo - (Historical Figure) Geronimo's given name was Goyahkla, meaning "One Who Yawns." (1829-1909) Geronimo was an Apache Leader & Medicine Man.

Gibbs -(Norman origin) Gibbs is a variant of Gibson, Gillebert, meaning " Noble Youth."

Gibson - (Norman origin) Gibson is a variant of Gillebert, meaning " Noble Youth."

Gimpy - (American origin) The word Gimpy appeared in American 1920's slang, made by combining the words Limp & Gammy. Gimpy refers to having an injured limb causing an awkward walk.

Gizmo - (American origin) The word Gizmo appeared in American 1940's slang, meaning a device that the speaker could not recall the proper name.

Goblin - (European origin) Goblin is a creature that appeared in numerous Middle Ages folklore.

Golda - (Anglo-Saxton origin) Golda, meaning "Gold."

Goldman - (Anglo-Saxton origin) Goldman is a variant of Golda, meaning "Gold."

Goth - (German origin) Goth means "Gothic" in German.

Governor - (American occupational origin) Each state has an elected head of state called the Governor in the USA.

Grandy - (Location origin) Grandy is a town in Currituck County in North Carolina, USA.

Grant - (French origin) Grant is a variant of Graund, meaning "Tall or Large."

Greenville - (Location origin) Greenville, South Carolina, USA & Greenville, North Carolina, USA

Grim - (Old English) Grim is a variant of Grimm meaning "Fierce."

Grizzly - (Middle English) Grizzly is a variant of Grisel, meaning "Gray."

Gunner - (Scandinavian origin) Gunner means "Warrior."

Gunther - (Scandinavian origin) Gunther is a variant of Gunner, meaning "Warrior."

Guppy - (Old English) Guppy is a variant to Guppa, meaning "Battle Bright Enclosure." The popular Guppy fish is named after Clergyman R. J. L. Guppy for first presenting the fish to the British Museum in the 19th Century.

Guss - (English origin) Guss means "Great."

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