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E Male Names Defined

 E Male

Eddie - (English origin) Eddie is a variant of Edward, meaning "Guardian of Riches."

Edger - (Anglo-Saxton origin) Edger is a variant of Eagar, meaning "Blessed Spear."

Edison - (English origin) Edison is a variant of Edward, meaning "Guardian of Riches."

Edward - (English origin) Edward means "Guardian of Riches."

Edwin - (English origin) Edwin is a variant of Edward, meaning "Guardian of Riches."

Egbert - (Old English origin) Egbert is a variant of Ecg, meaning "Sword."

Eisenhower - (German origin) Eisenhower is a variant of Eisenhauer, meaning "Iron Hewer."

Eli - (Biblical origin) Eli was the High Priest of the Israelites in the Ancient City of Shiloh in Ancient Israel.

Elliot - (English origin) Elliot means "The Lord is My God."

Elmer - (Germanic / British origin) Elmer means "Noble & Famous."

Elwood - (Old English) Elwood is a variant of Ellern, meaning "Elder Wood."

Ernest - (Germanic origin) Ernest is a variant of Ernst, meaning "Serious."

Estaban - (Spanish origin) Estaban means "Crown."

Eugene - (Greek origin) Eugene means "Nobility."

Evans - (Welsh origin) Evans means "Son of Evan."

Even - (Old Norse origin) Even is a variant of Eivindr, meaning "Gift & Winner."

Evin - (Welsh origin) Evin means "God is Good."

Ezra - (Biblical origin) Ezra is a Scribe & Priest in the Bible.

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