Monday, January 10, 2022

E Female Names Defined


E Female

Elaine - (Welsh origin) Elaine is a variant of Elain, meaning "Young Deer."

Electra -(Greek origin) Electra means "Shining Bright."

Eliza - (Hebrew origin) Eliza is a variant of Elizabeth and means "Pledged to God."

Ella - (Ancient Germanic origin) Ella is a variant of Alia, meaning "Feminine."

Ellen - (Greek origin)Ellen is a variant of Helen, a variant of Helene, meaning "Light."

Elly (Greek origin)Elly is a variant of Ellen, meaning "Light."

Eloise - (French origin) Eloise means "Famous Warrior."

Elsa - (Hebrew origin) Elsa is a variant of Elisheba, meaning "God is my Oath."

Elvira - (Gothic origin) Elvira is a variant of Germanic Al, meaning "ALL," & Wer, meaning "True."

Emmy - (German origin) Emmy means "Whole or Universal."

Erin - (Irish origin) Erin means "Ireland."

Estelle - (Latin origin) Estelle is a variant of Stella, meaning "Star."

Ester - (Biblical origin) Ester was the Jewish Queen of the Persian King Ahasuerus in the Bible.

Ethel - (Old English origin) Ethel means "Nobel."

Eugenia -(Greek origin) Eugenia means "Nobility."

Eunice - (Greek origin) Eunice means "Good Victory."

Eve - (Biblical origin) According to the Bible, Eve was the first Woman.

Evelyn - (English origin) Evelyn means "Wished for Child."

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