Monday, January 10, 2022

D Male Names Defined

D Male

Dallas - (Location origin) Dallas is a city in Texas in the USA.

Dante - (Latin origin) Donte means "Everlasting."

Dapper - (English adjective) Dapper refers to a male's dashing, handsome, neat appearance. Example: Dan looked Dapper in his new suit.

Dare - (Middle English) Dare is a variant of Deora, meaning "Beloved / Dear."

Darrell - (Norman & French origin) Darrell is a variant of dAirelle, meaning "From Airelle in France."

Dart - (Location origin) River Dart in Devon, England.

Darwin - (Old English origin) Darwin is a variant of Deorwine, meaning "Dear Friend."

Davis - (Welsh origin) Davis means "Son of David."

Deangelo - (Latin origin) Deangelo is a variant of Angelus, meaning "Messenger."

Derick -(English origin) Derick means "People Ruler."

Devon - (Location origin) Devon is a county in southwest England.

Dexter - (English origin) Dexter means "Dyer of Cloths."

Dillon -(Irish origin) Dillion means "Like a Lion."

Dink - (American origin) Dink is a variant of Dinky, meaning "Small."

Doc - (American origin) Doc means "Doctor."

Dobby -(Old English & Old German origin) Dobby is a variant of Rob, a variant of Robert, and means "Bright Fame."

Drake - (Old English) Drake is a variant of Draca, meaning "Dragon."

Duck - (Location origin) Duck is a township on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in Dare County.

Dude -(American origin) In the 1960's Dude was the name for a guy in the beachy Surfer culture.

Dudley - (Location origin) Dudley is a town in England.

Duffy - (Irish origin) Duffy means "Grandson of Dubhthach."

Dugan- (Irish origin) Dugan means "Descendant of Dubhagan."

Duke- (English origin) Duke means "Man of High Rank."

Dusty -(Norse origin) Dusty is a variant of Steinn, meaning "Stone."

Dwain - (Irish origin) Dwain means "Dark."

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