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D Female Names Defined

D Female

Daisy - (Old English origin) Daisy means "Flower."

Danetta -(Hebrew origin) Donetta is a variant of Daniyyel that means "God is my Judge."

Danna - (Hebrew origin) Danna is a variant of Daniyyel that means "God is my Judge."

Daphne - (Greek Mythology) Daphne turned into a Laurel tree to escape Apollo.

Darcey - (French origin) Darcy is a variant of dArcy, meaning "From Arcy."

Dare - (Middle English) Dare is a variant of Deora, meaning "Beloved / Dear."

Darleen - (Old English) Darleen is a variant of Dearling, meaning "Darling."

Darling -(Middle English) Darling means "Beloved One."

Davida - (Scottish / Hebrew origin) Davida is a variant of Davina, meaning "Beloved."

Deanie - (Pict origin) Deanie is a family surname in the Pict Tribe.

Dee - (Location origin) The river Dee is in Northern Wales and England.

Delia - (Greek origin) Delia means "Born on the Island Delos." In Greek Mythology, Delos was home to Apollo & Arthemis.

Delilah - (Hebrew & Arabic origin) Delilah means "Delicate."

Diamond - (Greek origin) Diamond is a variant of Adamas, meaning "Invincible."

Didi - (German origin) Didi means "Warrior of the People."

Dilly - (French origin) Dilly means "Someone from Illy."

Dink - (American origin) Dink is a variant of Dinky, meaning "Small."

Ditty - (Early French origin 4th century) A Ditty is a short & poetic song.

Dixie - (Location origin) Dixie is the Southern portion of the United States. Also called Dixieland, Dixie Land. This portion of the United States was Confederate during the Civil War.

Dori - (Hebrew origin) Dori means "Gift."

Dorothy - (Greek origin) Dorothy means "God's Gift."

Dotty - (Greek origin) Dotty is a variant of Dorothy that means "God's Gift."

Duck - (Location origin) Duck is a township on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in Dare County.

Dudette - (American origin) In the 1960's Dude was the name for a guy in the beachy Surfer culture. Dudette is the female equivalent.

Dutchess - (English origin) Dutchess means "Woman of High Rank."

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