Monday, January 10, 2022

C Male Names Defined

 C Male

Caesar - (Historical Figure) Julius Caesar (100-40BC) was the first Roman Emperor.

Caliber - (Arabic origin) Caliber is a variant of Qalib, meaning "Cast or Mold." Caliber is a word used to measure the inside diameter of a gun barrel.

Camus - (Historical Figure) Albert Camus (Nov. 7. 1913 - Jan. 4, 1960) was the second-youngest recipient of a Nobel Prize in Literature at age 44.

Capone - (Historical Figure) Alphonse Gabriel Capone (Jan. 17, 1899 - Jan. 25, 1947) American Businessman & Gangster attained notoriety during the Prohibition concerning the Chicago Outfit.

Captain - (American origin) Captain is a company-grade ranking officer in the US Army, Marine Corps., US Air Force & US Space Force.

Carlton - (Location) Carolton, Melbourne, Victoria is in Australia.

Carr - (Irish origin) Carr is a variant of Gearr, meaning "Short of Height."

Carter - (Middle English) Carter is a variant of Cartere, meaning "Transporter of Goods."

Carova - (Location origin) Carova is a 4x4 accessible-only beach village on the Outer Banks in Currituck County, NC.

Cash - (English origin) Cash means "Maker of Chest."

Chad - (Location origin) The Republic of Chad is a landlocked country in North-Central Africa.

Champ - (Middle English) Champ means "Warrior."

Charles - (Old English) Charles is a variant of Ceorl, meaning "Free Man."

Charleston - (Location origin) Charleston, founded in 1670, is a city port in South Carolina in the USA.

Charlie - (Old English)Charlie is a variant of Charles, a variant of Ceorl, meaning "Free Man."

Chase - (Middle English) Chase means "Huntsman."

Chevy - (French origin) Chevy is a variant of Chevalier, meaning "Horseman & Knight."

Chief - (Old French origin) Chief is a variant of Chef, meaning "Head of a family or clan."

Chomp - (1520s origin) Chomp means to "To Chew Noisily."

Clark - (English origin) Clark means "Scribe or Secretary."

Cletus - (Greek origin) Cletus means "Called Forth."

Cloud - (American origin) Cloud means "Visible Vapor."

Clyde - (Location origin) Clyde River is the third-longest river ins Scotland and the ninth-longest river in the United Kingdom. 

Conner - (Scottish origin) Conner means "Wise."

Cooper - (Anglo-Saxton origin) Cooper was a person that made barrels & buckets.

Cosmo - (Greek origin) Cosmo is a variant of Kosmos, meaning "Orderly Arrangement."

Cotton- (Old English) Cotton is a variant of Cotum, meaning "Cottage." In addition, the cotton plant references the color "White."

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