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B Male Names Defined


B Male

Bailey - (Middle English) Bailey is a variant of Bailiff, meaning "Agent of the Law/ Debt Collector."

Bandit - (American origin) Bandit means "Thief."

Banks- (Middle English) Banks means "Ridge or Hillside."

Bart - (English origin) Bart is the abbreviation for Baronet. a Rank of the British Order, being below a Baron and above a Knight. An example is Sir John Smith, Bart.

Bastain - (French origin) Bastain is a variant of Bastian, meaning "Revered."

Baxter - (Middle English) Baxter is a variant of Bakstere, meaning "Cook."

Bay - (English origin) Bay means "Sea Inlet."

Bear - (English origin) Bear is a variant of Bera, meaning "Bear."

Beau - (French origin) Beau means "Handsome."

Beaufort - (Location origin) Beaufort was established in 1713 & Incorporated in 1723; it is the fourth oldest town in North Carolina.

Beethoven - (Historical Figure) Ludwig van Beethoven (Baptized December 17, 1770 - died March 26, 1827) was a famous German composer still popular today.

Ben - (Hebrew origin) Ben means "Son."

Benny - (Latin origin) Benny means "Blessed."

Billy - (German origin) Billy is a variant of William meaning "Resolute Protector."

Bingo - (Song origin) Georgia, Senator Robert M. Charlton was the first to mention the Bingo song in the USA in 1842. However, the song has obscure origins. "There was a dog and Bingo was his name O."

Black Beard -(Historical Figure) Famed Pirate Black Beard was born Edward Teach in 1680 in Bristol, England. British Naval forces of Ocracoke Island killed him on November 22, 1718.

Blade - (English origin) Blade means "Sword."

Blake - (English origin) Blake is a variant of Blaker, a Village in Norway.

Boomerang - (Australian origin) Boomerang named by the indigenous Aborigines means "A curved flat piece of wood that when thrown will come back to you." 

Boone - (Old French) Boone is a variant of Bon, meaning "Good."

Bran - (Welsh origin) Bran means "Raven."

Brandon - (Location origin) Brandon, Florida in the USA, Brandon City in Manitoba, Canada, and Brandon, England.

Brett - (Middle English origin) Brett is a variant of Breton, meaning the "Celtic People of Britain & Brittany France."

Brice - (Location origin) A small French Village located west of France bears the name of Saint Brice.

Bruce - (Historical Figure) King Robert the Bruce( 1274-1329) was King of the Scotts from 1306-1329.

Bruno - (Old German) Bruno is a variant of Brun, meaning "Brown."

Bryon -(Celtic origin) Bryon is a variant of Brigh, meaning "High/Noble."

Bubba - (American origin) Bubba means "Brother."

Buck - (English origin) Buck means "Deer."

Bud - (American origin) Bud is a variant of Buddy, meaning "Friend."

Buddy- (American origin) Buddy means "Friend."

Buford - (Location origin) The City of Buford is in Georgia, USA.

Butler -(Norman French origin) Butler is a variant of Boutelliller, meaning "Servant in charge of the Wine Cellar."

Buxton - (Location origin) Buxton, England & Buxton, North Carolina

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