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B Female Names Defined

 B Female 

Babe - (American origin) Babe is a term of endearment.

Baby -(American origin) Baby is a term of endearment.

Bailey - (Middle English) Bailey is a variant of Bailiff, meaning "Agent of the Law/ Debt Collector."

Bambi - (Italian origin) Bambi is a variant of Bambino, meaning "Child."

Banks - (Middle English) Banks means "Ridge or Hillside."

Barb - (Ancient Greek) Barb is a variant of Barbra, a variant of Barbarous, meaning "Foreign or Stranger."

Barbra - (Ancient Greek) Barbra is a variant of Barbarous, meaning "Foreign or Stranger."

Bay - (English origin) Bay means "Sea Inlet."

Bayla -(English origin) Bayla is a variant of Bay, meaning "Sea Inlet."

Beasley - (Location origin) Beasley is Beesley's habitational name, Lancashire, England.

Beatrice - (Latin origin) Beatrice is a variant of Beatus, meaning "Blessed."

Becky - (Hebrew origin) Becky is a variant of Rebecca, meaning "To Bind."

Begonia - (French origin) Begonia means "Begon's Flower."

Bella - (Italian origin) Bella means "Beautiful."

Belle - (French origin) Belle means "Beautiful."

Berma - (Kurdish origin) Berma means "Lady."

Beth - (English origin) Beth is a variant of Elizabeth, meaning "God is my Oath."

Betty - (English origin) Betty is a variant of Elizabeth, meaning "God is my Oath."

Bev - (Location origin) Bev is a variant of Beverly located in East Yorkshire, England.

Billie - (Hebrew origin) Billie is a variant of Bilhah, meaning "Bashful."

Birdy - (Old German) Birdy is a variant of Bertha, meaning "Bright & Famous."

Blair -(Scottish Gaelic origin) Blair is a variant of Blar, meaning "Pain, Meadow or Field."

Blanche - (Latin origin) Blanche is a variant of Blancus, meaning "White."

Brattkins - (unknown origin) Brattkins is a variant of the surname Bratkin.

Breeanna - (Irish origin) Breeanna is a variant of Brianna, meaning " Noble, Strong & Virtuous."

Breeze - (English origin) Breeze means "A Light Gentle Wind."

Brenda - (Famous Character) Brenda was a character in "The Pirate" (Novel) by Sir Walker Scott, publishing date 1822.

Brianna - (Irish origin) Brianna means " Noble, Strong & Virtuous."

Bristol - (Location origin) Bristol is a city in England on the River Avon. Bristol is the birthplace of the famed Pirate Black Beard, born Edward Teach in 1680.

Britney - (English origin) Britney means "From Great Britain."

Britt - (English origin) Britt is a variant of Britney, meaning "From Great Britain."

Buffy - (English origin) Buffy is a variant of Elizabeth, meaning "God is My Oath."

Buttercup - (English origin) Buttercup means "Yellow Flower."

Buttons - (Old French) Buttons is a variant of Boton, which means "Button." 

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