Monday, January 10, 2022

A Male Names Defined

 A Male

Ace - (German origin) Ace is a variant of Atz, meaning "One." 

Addicus - (Greek origin) Addicus means "From Attica." 

Adrain - (Latin origin) Adrain means "From Hadria."

AL - (German origin) Al is a variant of  Alberto, the Latinized variant of Albertus, meaning "Bright & Famous."

Alberto - (German origin) Alberto is the Latinized variant of Albertus, meaning "Bright & Famous."

Alexander - (Latin/Greek origin) Alexander is a variant of Alexandros, meaning "Defender of Men."

Alfonzo - (Italian origin) Alfonzo means "Noble & Ready."

Alfred - (British origin) Alfred means "Wise."

Alton - (Location origin) Alton, England.

Alvin - (Old English origin) Alvin means "Noble Friend."

Amadeus - (Latin origin) Amadeus means "Love of God."

America - (Location origin) America's name is the United States of America.

Anchor - (American origin) Anchor means "Secure."

Andy - (Greek origin) Andy is a variant of Andrew, meaning "Brave."

Angelo - (British origin) Angelo means "Angel."

Apollo - (Greco-Roman Mythology) Apollo was the son of Zeus.

Archie - (Teutonic origin) Archie is a variant of Archibald, meaning "Truly Brave."

Aristotle - (Historical Figure) Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC) was an Ancient Greek Philosopher & Polymath. Aristotle was a student of Plato.

Armond - (German origin) Armand means "Soldier."

Arnold - (Location origin) Arnold, California

Ash - (English origin) Ash is a habitational name meaning "Living by and Ash Tree."

Astaire - (Historical Figure) Fred Astaire (May 10, 1899 - June 22, 1987) is considered the best dancer in film history. He was an American actor, singer, choreographer, dancer & television prester still popular today.

Atticus- (Greek origin) Atticus means "From Attica."

Author - (British Legendary Figure) King Author is known for his Knights of the Round Table.

Avalon - (Welsh origin) Avalon means "Island of Fruit (or Apple) Trees."

Avery - (English & French origin) Avery means "Ruler of Elfs."

Axel - (Scandinavian origin) Axel means "My Father is Peace."

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