Monday, January 10, 2022

A Female Names Defined


A Female

Adair - (Anglo-Saxton origin) Adair is a female variant of Edger, a variant of Eagar, meaning "Blessed Spear."

Adeline - (French origin) Adeline is a variant  of Adele, meaning "Nobel or Nobility."

Affinity - (Word origin) Affinity means a "Fond Kinsmanship."

Airy - (American origin) Airy means "Life."

Alexa - (Greek origin) Alexa means "Defender of Man."

Alexis - (Greek origin) Alexis means "To Defend."

Alice - (German origin) Alice means "Noble."

Alison (German origin) Alison is a variant of  Alice, meaning "Noble."

Alma - (Latin origin) Alma is a variant of Almus, meaning "Nourishing."

Amelia - (German origin) Amelia means "Industrious."

America - (Location origin) America's name is the United States of America.

Anastasia - (Greek origin) Anastasia is a variant of Aanastasis, meaning "Resurrection." 

Angel - (Greek origin) Angel is a variant of Angelos, meaning "Angel or Messenger."

Angela - (Greek origin) Angela is a variant of Angelos, meaning " Angel or Messenger."

Angelina - (Greek origin) Angelina is a variant of Angelos, meaning " Angel or Messenger."

Anita - (Hebrew origin) Anita is a variant of Ann, meaning "Graceful."

Ann  (Hebrew origin), Ann, means "Graceful."

Annabelle - (French origin) Annabelle means "Graceful & Beautiful."

Annette - (French origin) Annette is a variant of Anne, meaning "Graceful."

Antoinette - (Greek origin) Antoinette is a variant of Anthos, meaning "Flower."

April - (Latin origin) April is a variant of Aperire, meaning "To Open." Therefore, April refers to the opening of blossoms in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Astrid - (Scandinavian origin) Astrid means "Devinely Beautiful."

Athena - (Greek origin) Athena means "Goddess of Wisdom & War."

Audrey - (English origin) Audrey means "Noble Strength."

Autumn - (Latin origin) Autumn is a variant of Autumnus, meaning "Fall or Autumn."

Avalon - (Welsh origin) Avalon means "Island of Fruit (or Apple) Trees."

Avery - (English & French origin) Avery means "Ruler of Elfs."

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