Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas! from the Pet-Friendly OBX!

Colors in the Atlantic Sky by Seaside Photography
Colors light up the Sky on the oceanfront along the Outer Banks of North Carolina's peninsula, just as the Christmas trees lit up Christmas Eve!

As you wake up today to the joys of Christmas, the sounds & smells associated with this one single day each year, remember the delights of nature that await you outside, today and every day.

While spending this special day with your family, friends & pets, remembering the reason for the season, give thanks and stop just for a moment to ponder your thoughts and feelings on this special day.

Pets (Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses & more) have been part of human families for centuries. Nature and the birds ( 100's of species on the OBX) of the air have a way of bringing people close to one's inner self. Think of planning your next adventure on the Pet-Friendly Outer Banks, where the unspoiled beaches, maritime forest, historic sites, wildlife refuges and so much more await to be explored.

Colors in the Sky by Seaside Photography
Nature on the Outer Banks displays a sense that amazes every day and offers not only historical adventure, water sports, fishing, and more, but a destination vacation for the whole family, including Fido and other Pampered Pets too.

Merry Christmas!
Hope to See You Soon, on the OBX!
Please Drive Safely on Our Busy Highways!

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Counting Down to Christmas on the Pet-Friendly OBX!

Outer Banks - Nags Head, NC
 Wishing for a Merry Christmas for All!

Santa Paws & Santa Claus

have visited the 

Outer Banks of North Carolina! 

Christmas Photos

 have been taken & Wish Lists have been collected.

 The Countdown is On!

Red "Merry Christmas" Dog T-Shirt purchased from:


Red neck scarf with
White Puff and Jingle bell ends purchased from:

 Dollar Tree  

Shop Local on the Outer Banks!
Happy Holidays!
Please Drive Safely On Our Busy Highways.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Count Down to Christmas, Busy Birds on the OBX!


With only days to go, the count down to Christmas is on!

Busy Birds are running wild on the beaches of the Outer Banks. 
Soon we can all relax and enjoy the busy work completed for the Holidays.
Have a Very Happy Holiday! Please Drive Safely on our Busy Highways!

Monday, December 20, 2021

Twenty Seven New Pet Names added to the Pet Names page!

OB at Pampered Pets Guide

Twenty Seven New Names added to the Pet Names page!

 Those Names are:

Male                                   Female 
Alberto                                Affinity
Alfonzo                               Angelina
Alton                                   Annette
Carr                                    Cammie
Carter                                 Carova
Carova                               Cathy
Dallas                                 Darcey
Dusty                                  Didi
Garth                                  Gerdie
Gibbs                                  Girly
Lennon                                Lavinia
Levon                                  Letterbi
Little B                         Lotty
                                                     Toby                                    Thomasina

OB wants to know your Pet's name.
Visit the Pet Names Page and if you don't see your Pet's Name, email to be included.

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