Saturday, August 14, 2021

First Aid for Dogs


Martin's Point Veterinary Hospital

Dogs on the Outer Banks, like anywhere else, suffer from minor injuries and illnesses. Some can be treated by you, the dog owner, but, when in doubt, contact a veterinarian. Some of these injuries / illnesses include:

Open Wounds

Small lacerations and abrasions should be cleaned with soup and water or hydrogen peroxide. A triple antibiotic can be applied twice daily until the wound heals. Deep wounds, lacerations longer than an inch, and wounds that bleed profusely (apply direct pressure to control bleeding), should be see by a vet.

"Hot Spots"

Any moist dermatitis caused by self-trauma from scratching or chewing, especially on a dog's face or hindquarters, can be classified as a "hot spot". Golden Retrievers are especially prone to these. Trim the hair over the lesion and clean with soup and water or peroxide. Apply any over the counter cortisone cream twice daily. See a vet if the condition worsens - often an injection of cortisone or a course of cortisone pills and antibiotics are required for complete relief.


Simple diarrhea in dogs can be treated with Kaopectate or Pepto-Bismol (approximately 1 tsp per 20 - 30 lbs. body weight) 3 or 4 times a day. You can also feed chicken and rice to help firm up the stool. If the diarrhea persists, or if it is accompanied by vomiting see a vet. Drinking salt water is a common cause of both diarrhea and vomiting in dogs; please bring along fresh drinking water if you take your dog to the beach.


Running on the beach, climbing stairs, or over - exertion by dogs on vacation can cause all kinds of muscle or joint problems. If your dog is limping, rest him/her for several days. Aspirin can usually be given safely (check with a vet for dosage). If a lameness persists, or if there is obvious pain when the leg is touched, see a veterinarian.

Please use common sense when on vacation with your dog, and you will all enjoy your stay on the Outer Banks. However, if any injury or illness occurs with your dog during your vacation, there are several veterinarians here to help.

Chris Shea DVM
Martin's Point Veterinary Hospital

This article was published in Vol.2 page12 of Pampered Pet Guide.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Ten New Pet Names added to the Pet Names Page


OB at Pampered Pets Guide
Ten New Pet Names have been added to the 
Pet Names Page.

Those Names are:

Male                                   Female

Anchor                               Alice
Boomerang                        Buttercup
Knight                                Karma
Sion                                   Spring
Zink                                    Zena

OOOPS.....We Forgot to add OB!

If you know of a good  pet name or you want your Pampered Pet's name, added to the list, please email. We won't forget to add OB next time.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

The Advantages of Building New during the Housing Crisis of COID-19


                                is for Sale! Contact Info.

The housing crisis caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic is on going. The housing market is seeing its best sales volumes in many years. Houses are still selling within days of going on the market.

Many families not wanting to enter the bidding wars of the real estate market are looking for other options. Even older homes that are available with tax credits for renovation are selling quickly.
Many home buyers are realizing the advantages of building new. House Plan Books are in high demand.

The main advantage of building new, is that the home owner, gets the customized home that fits their individual family needs. The other considerations are home warranty and knowing the tax base and insurance requirements of your home.

The first place to start is deciding on  your square footage needs.  Acquiring house plan books, that fill your desired requirements is a must. Always remember that you can build the house of your dreams. Using your house plan books as a guide, your local house architect and contractor can make it happen. 

Your local Realtor is also very knowledgeable on all building lot set backs and area requirements, to locate a building lot, just perfect for your dream home. Your Realtor will also know of all the building lot elevation certificates on file and can help you find a lot with insurance advantages. Building lots located in a X flood zone will not require flood insurance, saving you money.

For families with Pampered Pets the prospect of building a custom home becomes very exciting. Just think, the doggie door and fencing will all be included in your dream home plans. Also when considering built in cabinetry like bookshelves, a special walkway could be created for your Pampered Pet Cat. There are so many possibilities. 

The advantages of building a new dream home are vast. Area contractors are seeing a rise in demand. The housing crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic will have lasting effects and some beautiful new dream homes built, that will last generations to come.
If you are interested in building a new vacation, year-round residential, or remodeling an existing Outer Banks home please contact one of the following Outer Banks Contractors:

Renaissance Construction Co.
1013 Hwy 64/264
Manteo, NC 27954
(252) 473-3312

Saga Realty & Construction, Inc.
1314 S Croatan Hwy, Suite 301
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
(252) 441-9003

Stan White Realty & Construction
2506 S Croatan Hwy
Nags Head, NC 27959
(252) 441-1515

You can also see:

Outer Banks Home Builders Association
105 W Airstrip Road
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
(252) 449-8232

If you need an Outer Banks Real Estate Agent, please visit:

If you didn't see the August 1, 2021 post: "The Andy Griffith Show" - Barney Fife, Realtor: still relevant today it is defiantly worth a read. That episode of the "Andy Griffith Show" is truly a classic  that is timeless in prospective and relevance today.


Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Pampered Pets - Stories and Pet Celebrities' Post Added to site

 Yesterday a new post was added to this site. The title of the new post is: 

Pampered Pets - Stories and Local Pet Celebrities'

This post is filled with images and articles published in the past, by Pampered Pets Guide.

The age of the articles is noted, but the timeless images and stories live on,
and are still relevant today.

Not all articles that could be included, are represented. It was very hard
with 498 post, to choose.

Continued organization of the site is on going. Tomorrow's post will mark 
500 Post by Pampered Pets Guide.

Please also see the site page added Saturday August 7, 2021: 
This was to organize past Veterinarian articles,
published by Pampered Pets Guide.


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Pampered Pets - Stories and Local Pet Celebrities'

The Pampered Pets Stories and Local Pet Celebrities' page is here to report all of the wonderful Pampered Pets Stories. You will find reports of Pampered Pets, Pet Adoption, Special Service Dogs, Local Pet Celebrities, Pet Birthdays, Pet Memorials & much more. This page is a collection of past post, trying to include as many post of interest as possible.  Pampered Pets are everywhere. Send in your Pampered Pets story 

This Post is being transferred to a Fixed Page due to indexing issues. December 2021.....Have a Happy New Year! Please visit the NEW PAGE: with NEW Additions

              The Lost Colony's Cats

Have the Lost Colony's Cats been Found?


                                                                          Pretty Boy 

                           The Feline Ghost that Haunts the Outer Banks


                                         Remembering K-9 Cop "Hondo"


                                           George's Adoption Story

                                                  Princess Jezibelle  Currituck County Pet Celebrity

                                            Smitty- finds his Forever Home

                                            Betty Davis Tucker - Happy Birthday

                                            Spice Girl

                                                                                                 Pampered Pets Guide Cover Dog

Outer Banks Pet Celebrity

     Onyx the Cat
     Outer Banks Pet Celebrity


Currituck County "Corolla" Pet Celebrities

Outer Banks Pet Celebrity 


Beau 19th B-day

                                                                                                 Special Memorial for Beau

Daisy May finding a Forever Home

Shadow: Outer Banks Snow Adventure



NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine is the first in the Nation to offer cancer stricken pets the bone marrow transplant procedure.

Dora Jean  Basenji Rescue/Adoption Therapy Dog    

Outer Banks Pet Celebrity

                       Sasha Girl, Special Memorial 

Heidi and Twiggy Outer Banks Pet Celebrities

   Floyd Special Memorial

Black Beard the Cat - Outer Banks Pet Celebrity

Monday, August 9, 2021

Is there a PetSmart on the Outer Banks?

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a very Pet Friendly vacation destination. 

Thousands of people traveling with pets arrive on the OBX daily during the summer season, and a growing population of shoulder season guest continue to expand the Outer Banks business season.

There is only one PetSmart on the Outer Banks, located in the town of Nags Head, NC.

2210 S Croatan Hwy
Mile Post 10
Nags Head, NC 27959

(252) 564-3061


Sunday, August 8, 2021

Veterinarian Advice Page


Veterinarian Advice

This new page is filled with wonderful, Veterinarian articles. They are all articles that have been published in the past by Pampered Pets Guide, but are still relevant today.

Due to the age of the articles, one of the Veterinarian's Office is no longer here, and the business was sold and renamed. 

Barrett Welch DVM, "Animal Hospital of Nags Head" has retired and is greatly missed. 
But his words of advise live on and help pet owners still today.

The Outstanding Veterinarians of the Outer Banks of NC serve not only the local pet owners, but the thousands of pet owners, that visit the Outer Banks each year.

Their collective voice, the advice you will find on the new Veterinarian Advice Page, shows their dedication to providing the best Veterinary Services Available and invaluable insight and understanding of the uniqueness of the Outer Banks and it's foreseeable and avoidable dangers to pets.

It is with the highest respect and thankful regard, that their words of wisdom and knowledge, are shared with you.

Currituck Annual Free Rabies Vaccine Clinic - Rescheduled

photo by Seaside Photography I heard there was an Annual Free Rabies Vaccine Clinic at the Currituck County Judicial Center Saturday, Octobe...