Friday, December 17, 2021

OBX "Santa Paws" Ghost of Christmas Past!

"Santa Paws" 2005 in Duck, North Carolina-photo by Seaside Photography
Santa Paws has been making an appearance on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for many years.You can use the search bar and type in "Santa Paws" to learn more. He has appeared at many different locations throughout the Outer Banks over the years.

Santa Paws has battled the Nor'ester Storms, the blowing sand, and even the driving rains to arrive each year on the Outer Banks faithfully; no weather is to RUFF for Santa Paws. But Santa Paws is thankful that Hurricane season ends on the last day of November each year.

Santa Paws has had his picture taken with so many Pampered Pets on the OBX that it's hard for even Santa Paws to keep an accurate count. But Santa Paws did smile and greet each Pampered Pet with Christmas Cheer!
"Santa Paws" 2005 in Duck, NC-photo by Seaside Photography
The Ghost of Christmas past drifts across everyone's mind from time to time.
It may be the slight sound of a small jingle bell or a favorite Holiday song; it could be the smell of a fresh evergreen Christmas Tree or an ornament or object that is seldom seen, found once more that triggers one's mind to go back, back into Holidays past.

How many times have you seen Santa Paws? How many pictures of Santa Paws with your Pampered Pet do you display each year? Has your Pampered Pet seen Santa this year? It's not too late. Please see:

Have a Safe & Happy Holiday Season!
Please Drive Safely on our Busy Highways!

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