Wednesday, November 10, 2021

National Senior Pet Month! on the OBX!


November is National Senior Pet Month!
& Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

This month is a time to celebrate the senior pets that are in our families.
A time for remembering all the good times shared and making new memories to cherish for years to come. It is also a time for thinking of and promoting the adoption of senior pets.

There are many reasons a senior pet may end up in an animal shelter.
Many families are unable to care for their pets and have turned them over to animal shelters in hopes of finding them a new forever home. Some pet owners have passed away, leaving their beloved pets; this is a heartbreaking situation.

Even though many families will pick a young kitten or puppy from a shelter, there are significant advantages to choosing a senior pet. First, most senior pets are already trained and tend to be calmer. Second, senior pets still have a lot of love to share and should be considered when looking for a new addition to your family.

If you consider adding a new pet to your family, please don't overlook the senior pets available at area animal shelters.

Also see the new Outer Banks Pet Events page for information about
"Pet & Family Photos with Santa," and More!

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