Friday, October 29, 2021

National Cat Day on the Outer Banks

National Cat Day is on October the 29th in the United States.

Cat owners across the Nation will be spending some quality time with their feline family members on this special day.

Some cats will get cat treats. In addition, some people will make special homemade treats for their cats today.

Some cats will get new cat toys. Some cats will get a new homemade cat toy, like the famed cat playing in a bag; cats love to play in paper grocery bags. It's also fun decorating paper grocery bags just for your cat. 

Today is also a day to promote cat Adoption. Both Outer Bank area Animal Shelters, the Currituck County Animal Shelter & the Dare County Animal Shelter have cats waiting for their forever family to arrive. Adoptable cats can be seen online from both County Animal Shelters at
November 17th is National Black Cat Day!

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