Thursday, September 23, 2021

Where is this Dalmatian fire hydrant on the Outer Banks?

Dalmation fire hydrant on the Outer Banks
There is a Dalmatian fire hydrant on the Outer Banks. Can you find it?

Located at one of the five Dog Parks on the Outer Banks, you will find this Dalmatian fire hydrant . Do you know which one?

This Dalmatian fire hydrant is located at one of the three Outer Banks Dog Parks, that does not require registration.

Artfully painted by KLIENTEL ART this fire hydrant is located near the entrance of the only Outer Banks Dog Park that has three sections.

If you do not know where on the Outer Banks to find this Dalmatian fire hydrant, please see the Outer Banks Dog Parks page. Use your clues above to find the answer.


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