Friday, September 17, 2021

Today is National Pet Bird Day!

National Pet Bird Day on the OBX
Today, September 17th is National Pet Bird Day!

If you are thinking of adding a bird to you family, you can visit the Birds at PetSmart in Nags Head, NC.

Birds are also listed on the Nags Head PetSmart website.

It is important to research Pet Bird Care, prior to bringing your bird companion home. That way you know everything that is needed, to care for your new family member.

Birds are wonderful pet companions. 

Today is a day dedicated to Celebrating Pet Birds that are part of American families across our Nation.

The street address for PetSmart in Nags Head, NC and phone number are listed below:

2210 S Croatan Hwy
Mile Post 10
Nags Head, NC 27959

(252) 564-3061

Patriotic Note: September 17th 1787, The U.S. Constitution was Approved. God Bless America.

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